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    LUT Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading Finnish education and research institutes specialising in the design of mechanical engineering structures, welding technology and modelling of multi-technical systems.

    Master's Degree Programmes in Mechanical Engineering

    The Master's Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering has been running since 2003 and our first foreign students have graduated in 2005. In academic year 2017-2018 degree programme of Mechanical Engineering offers three different Master´s Programmes: Mechatronic System Design, Welded Metal Structures and Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering. The objective of Master of Programmes is to educate experts in their own areas by providing students with latest knowledge and modern learning environment.

    After having completed the studies in Master's Programmes in Mechanical Engineering, students will have good competencies to work in research and development projects in global industry.

    In Master´s Programme in Mechatronic System Design, students will learn about the design and simulation of modern mechatronic machines, which comprise a mechanical system, power transmission and a digital control system, including aspects of the IoT (Internet of Things).

    Students will acquire extensive knowledge of the design, hydraulics, control, dynamics and simulation of machines. Students will also learn about environmentally conscious design and the development of new technologies to solve current and future global problems. During the studies, students will be able to apply simulation tools to analyse demanding machine systems. This expertise can be applied to the most demanding research and development processes of the global industry.
    In Master´s Programme in Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering, students will acquire skills and knowledge required to reform the manufacturing industry and to increase its competitiveness through sustainable production design. Course topics will cover production industry extensively – from food packaging to the vehicle and civil industries.
    After completing this Master’s programme, graduates will be ready to engage in modern, world-class manufacturing for a sustainable future. Graduates will learn to see the possibilities and restrictions of sustainable production. During the studies, studens will develop skills enabling to participate in demanding global development tasks of product and production design. Students will be able to analyse challenging production tasks also by using simulation software.
    In Master´s Programme in Welded Metal Structures, students will acquire the newest knowledge and expertise for the design and manufacturing of innovative, sustainable, competitive and safe welded metal structures for demanding applications, especially for dynamic loading or arctic conditions.
    In this programme, students will learn about the design, analysis, fabrication and research of modern and competitive welded metal structures. Students will acquire a good understanding about the strength and ductility properties of metallic materials and their behaviour under long-term loading together with their weldability aspects. This will provide competencies to design different types of metal structures such as machine bodies, bridges, buildings, structural components and bodies for vehicles or supporting structures for different types of engineering applications.
    Mechanical engineers play an important role in delivering innovations that take our world forward. As a graduate of mechanical engineering Master’s programmes, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in different fields of the manufacturing industry, most typically in research, development, and innovation functions of mechanical engineering companies and equipment manufacturers.
    The M.Sc. Studies in Mechanical Engineering will also give students the readiness to continue studies towards a doctoral degree.
    LUT Mechanical Engineering's extensive contacts with local, national and international industrial partners and research centres ensures that the subjects taught and methods used in teaching are up-to-date and reflect the needs of modern high technology industry.
    The person responsible of the Master's Programmes in Mechanical Engineering is docent, D.Sc. (Tech.) Harri Eskelinen.
    The BSc programme in Mechanical Engineering and all three MSc programmes are EUR-ACE®- and ASIIN -accredited programmes. See webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification: