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    LUT Mechanical Engineering LUT Mechanical Engineering

    LUT Mechanical Engineering is an internationally renowned expert in mechanical and metal industry applications. The core competence involves digital design and production of innovative products, research of sustainable fibre based materials as well as development of welded metal structures for demanding applications. LUT's expertise forms an entity that conforms to the product lifespan concept, where the design, material choices, manufacturability, assemblability, serviceability and reuse of the product are all considered interactively.

    In academic year 2020-2021 the degree programme in Mechanical Engineering has a Bachelor's programme (taught in Finnish) and four Master's programmes. The Master´s programmes are Mechatronic System Design, Advanced Structural Design and Robotised Welding, Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering (on Lahti Campus). The Master´s Degree programme in Mechanical Engineering has been running since 2003 and our first foreign students have graduated in 2005.

    The degree programme in Mechanical Engineering offers also two MSc programmes (JEDI and MEC) which are suitable for distance learning. These MSc programmes are available only in Finnish.

    As a graduate of mechanical engineering Master's programmes, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in different fields of the manufacturing industry, most typically in research, development, and innovation functions of mechanical engineering companies and equipment manufacturers. The MSc studies in mechanical engineering will also give students the readiness to continue studies towards a doctoral degree.

    The person responsible of the Master's Programmes in Mechanical Engineering is associate professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Harri Eskelinen.
    The BSc programme in Mechanical Engineering and MSc programmes in Mechatronic System Design, Advanced Structural Design and Robotised Welding and Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering are EUR-ACE®- and ASIIN -accredited programmes. For detailed information on the accredited programmes, see webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification:
    Starting from academic year 2020-2021 study guides are published in SISU.