Maturity test Maturity test

Bachelor's Degrees in Business or Technology

The abstract of the Bachelor's thesis serves as the maturity test

Students must take a written maturity test to demonstrate their language skills and how well they know the topic of their thesis. The maturity test (= the abstract of the Bachelor's thesis) is taken in the language in which the student has received his or her education in Finland (Finnish or Swedish). If the student has received his or her education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, the degree programme determines the language of the maturity test. In such cases only the contents of the maturity test is evaluated, not the language.

The abstract is a concise (one A4 sheet), objective, independent summary of the Bachelor's thesis. It should be intelligible as such, without the original document. It explains the contents of the thesis: the objective, methodologies, results and conclusions. A good abstract is written in complete and concise sentences. The following information should be given at the beginning of the abstract:


  • Title (Abstract)
  • Title of thesis
  • Keywords
  • Student's name
  • Student identification number (please remove before saving the thesis to the LUTPub)
  • School and degree programme
  • Supervisor's name

The abstract of the Bachelor's thesis serves as the maturity test. Schools may give more detailed instructions on the preparation of abstracts.

Submitting the maturity test (=abstract) and language assessment

Students must demonstrate a knowledge of their own field of science and especially a good command of their native language. The content and the language of the maturity test is assessed by the supervisor of the thesis.

Students submit the Bachelor's thesis including the abstract either by email to the supervisor or to the Moodle depending on what has been agreed with a supervisor.

Publication of the Bachelor's thesis

After the approval of Bachelor's thesis and maturity test (both the contents and the language), the student saves the thesis and abstract to the LUTPub open access database. In student's transcript (Oodi) K1 (maturity test) and K2 (language) are marked as passed when maturity test is approved. Student identification number must be removed before saving the Bachelor's thesis to the LUTPub.

Master's Degrees in Business or Technology

Students must complete a maturity test in the Master's degree to prove that they know the topic of their Master's thesis. LUT accepts the public-access abstract of the thesis as the maturity test in terms of content. The abstract is a one-page introduction of the thesis that can be understood independently. It includes the identification data, objectives, key content and key results of the work. (Please, check the final thesis instructions on writing the abstract.)

If Master's level students need to prove their Finnish or Swedish skills, the guidelines for Bachelor's level maturity tests are applied. Students are asked to contact degree programme's study counsellor in case they do not know whether they need to prove their Finnish of Swedish skills.

The maturity test is graded passed//failed.