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    Maturity Test Maturity Test

    Students must complete a maturity test in the Master's degree to prove that they know the topic of their Master's thesis. LUT accepts the public-access abstract of the thesis as the maturity test in terms of content. The abstract is a one-page introduction of the thesis that can be understood independently. It includes the identification data, objectives, key content and key results of the work. (Please, check the final thesis instructions on writing the abstract)

    In addition to the abstract, Master's level students take a separate maturity test only if they need to prove their Finnish or Swedish skills. In such cases, the guidelines for Bachelor's level maturity tests are applied. Instructions for Finnish students who have not written the maturity test and demonstrated his/her proficiency in Finnish or Swedish in a previous polytechnic/university degree can be found here; Kypsyysnäyte.

    The maturity test is graded passed//failed.