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    Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering


    • This is a Master of Science in Technology (M.Sc. Tech.), (Diplomi-insinööri in Finnish) degree
    • Higher university degree gives eligibility to apply for scientific doctoral studies
    • Extent 120 ECTS credits
    • Duration two years, full-time studies of 60 ECTS per academic year.

    Degree Structure

    The Master's degree (120 ECTS) consists of core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies (if any) and elective studies.

    The specialisation studies include a Master's Thesis and a seminar. The student chooses Solar Economy, Control and Automation, Control and Communication, Electromechanics, Power Electronic Design or Electrical Drives as her/his specialisation studies.

    The MSc in Electrical Engineering does not include any minor, as the total of specialisation studies exceeds 80 cr. The only exception is the specialisation in Solar Economy, where the following minors are recommended: EnDSaBT Bioenergy Technology or YmDSaResp Environmental Responsibility.

    Career prospects

    The degree programme aims at training top international professionals for the needs of both the public and private. Graduates are trained to work in international, multidisciplinary and multicultural environments. The graduates with wide-ranging knowledge will have possibilities to seek employment in diverse jobs in different branches of industry and society. Jobs and careers for Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering include, for instance, specialist tasks, design and product development, production and operation, management, sales and marketing, research and education, and positions in public authorities and professional organisations. The studies also give graduates a firm basis for doctoral studies in the field of their specialisation.

    The head of MSc programme in Electrical Engineering is Post-doctoral researcher Katja Hynynen