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    Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering

    Objectives of the MSc Programme

    After completion of the M.Sc. programme in Electrical Engineering, the graduate
    - is able to work independently and scientifically, acquire information and formulate solutions to complex problems and tasks.
    - he/she has an ability to work as a member of team, is able to organise, carry out and lead projects and has the required communication skills.
    - is aware of ethical aspects of the field and its effects on society, and is capable of critically assessing the future prospects of the field.
    - is able to apply the essential theories of electrical engineering to practical electrotechnical and electronics applications.
    - is able to apply his/her knowledge in jobs in product development, research and marketing as well as in management of these.

    In addition to technical competences, a student may complement his/her professional skills by business studies. For those interested in establishing an enterprise, there is an opportunity to include suitable studies in business in the degree. For students interested in foreign languages and international affairs, the university provides a large array of language studies as well as excellent opportunities for student exchange and training abroad. The Degree Programme also prepares a student for postgraduate and independent studies.

    Career prospects

    The degree programme aims at training top international professionals for the needs of both the public and private. Graduates are trained to work in international, multidisciplinary and multicultural environments. The graduates with wide-ranging knowledge will have possibilities to seek employment in diverse jobs in different branches of industry and society. Jobs and careers for Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering include, for instance, specialist tasks, design and product development, production and operation, management, sales and marketing, research and education, and positions in public authorities and professional organisations. The studies also give graduates a firm basis for doctoral studies in the field of their specialisation.

    The head of MSc programme in Electrical Engineering is Post-doctoral researcher Katja Hynynen