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    Computational Engineering and Technical Physics Computational Engineering and Technical Physics

    In MSc programme in Computational Engineering and Technical Physics the student will acquire extensive knowledge either in technical physics, mathematics or computing and their application to the rapidly changing problems of industrial and economics life. These skills can be applied to find novel solutions to challanges in today´s informations society. Good mathematical and computing skills will help to efficiently use modelling and simulation software, and knowledge in the field of physics is a fundamental requirement to fully understand and take further technological phenomena. By completing this Master's programme the student will obtain sufficient mathematical and computational skills for research, industry and other development tasks.
    In MSc programme in Computational Engineering and Technical Physics the student can specialise in one of three areas - Technomathematics, Technical Physics and Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. In Technomathematics the student will study modelling of industrial and environmental processes, fuzzy systems, and developing mathematical models and methods. During your studies, the student will focus on real-world applications, with active collaboration in the international community of industrial mathematics. In Technical Physics studies are focused on materials physics, nanophysics, semiconductors, superconductors, spintronics and optical measurement technologies. In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition the student will study information processing, both in systems and in their design. The student will focus on computer vision systems and machine learning contributing to the current trends in industrial automation. The student will get good competencies in the development of information processing systems, automation for production and application utilising visual quality control. 

    Learning outcomes 2018-2019 will be found in study guides in WebOodi

    The head of the Master's programme in Computational Engineering and Technical Physics is Associate Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Arto Kaarna.