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    Supply management is a unique Master's programme in Finland providing expertise of strategic supply and supplier management. The programme is designed to correspond to the growing needs of today's business life in terms of educating open-minded, innovative managers in the fields of supply management and purchasing.

    The focus of the Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM) is on supply strategies, global challenges of sourcing and development of purchasing and supply chains. Supply management is a cross-functional activity of a firm requiring a broad understanding of international business. The studies integrate disciplines of strategic management, international business and relationship management in supply networks.

    The studies connect two perspectives: the internal viewpoint of organising and aligning supply management according to the firm's strategy, and the external viewpoint consisting of supplier relationships and supply network management. Core studies include courses on strategic supply management and supply chain financing, sustainable global sourcing, supplier relationship management and service business. Specialisation studies include courses on topics concerning risk management and supply chain improvement, external resource management and master's thesis. For the Minor studies students can choose freely for example international marketing, international business and entrepreneurship, sustainability, or digitalization and business analytics.

    The studies of supply management aggregates theories and concepts of business and technology and presents recent applications and methods in the field, thus promoting problem solving, decision making and analytical skills. The students will gain specialised knowledge about the elements of supply strategies and factors of interaction in supply networks. The studies include interactive case studies, company assignments, group work, independent exercises, literature studies and lectures. About 95% of the programme's Master's theses are based on real-life business problems and are prepared for companies or public sector organisations.

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    DD Programmes

    Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM) has successful international cooperation between LUT and with the University of Twente in the Netherlands (UT). This program involves UT's Master in Purchasing & Supply Management. Students admitted into the double degree programme receive a degree certificate from both universities, provided that they fulfill the requirements of both universities (LUT and UT).

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    Admission to DD-Programme