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    "Supply management is a cross-functional activity of a firm that necessitates the ability to manage global value chains and a wide understanding of international business"

    Supply management is cross-functional activity of a firm that necessitates ability to manage global value chains and wide understanding of the ensemble of international business. Hence, the Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM) integrates disciplines of strategic management, international business, and supplier relationship management and collaboration in supply networks.

    In today's global business the importance of supply management has increased substantially as companies aim to focus on their core business, outsource of functions to operate cost effectively and sub-contracting their own customer delivery obligations. Hence, the MSM program provides students knowledge and skills concerning the management of material, service, and information flows throughout the business process effectively and risk management of sourcing and in supply chains. The emphasis is on the essence of relationship management in supply networks as a source of innovations and value creation. The program promotes sustainable value creation among firms in global markets.

    The studies of supply management aggregates theories and concepts of business and technology and presents recent applications and methods in the field, thus promoting problem solving, decision making and analytical skills of the students. The students will gain special knowledge about the factors affecting designing supply strategies and interaction in value chain. The studies include interactive case studies, group works, independent exercises, literature studies and lectures.

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