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    Focus of the Master's Degree in Strategic Finance and Analytics


    The programme in Strategic Finance and Analytics aims to assist students enhance their managerial effectiveness within the field of finance and strategic management. The programme also aims to achieve its goals of producing qualified professionals by providing a very thorough grounding in the principles and practice of finance including corporate finance, strategic management, accounting, econometrics, and international finance.

    The content of the programme is based on the theories and concepts of financial economics and corporate finance. Students will acquire practical decision-making skills and analytics know-how that will help them to build a sound base for a career in financial management.

    The recent development in the areas of corporate finance and strategic management research has dentified many new links between finance and strategic management. Changes in risk management, accounting practices and increased globalisation together with development in technology have all affected the field of finance. Therefore, the importance of financial considerations together with strategic management has considerably increased.

    Strategic thinking is becoming more important, being on the frontier of international strategy practices together with the integration of financing decision making. The graduates of this Master's Programme will be able to analyse managerial problems and make strategic decisions related to international business and finance. They are trained to understand the specifics of international business environments and their financial considerations in analysing the boundaries, governance and economic performance of corporations on the global markets. The programme is designed to enhance international knowledge and skills and promises to provide a very competitive learning environment to our students. Also special attention is paid to the international emerging markets of the world, which are the primary target of current and future business activities.

    We are very pleased to invite motivated and talented people with a desire to learn the techniques to handle future financial challenges on the global scene.

    Please see more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zSltcuxjk4