Learning Support


    Focus of the Master's Degree in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics


    The programme in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics aims to assist students enhance their managerial effectiveness within the field of finance and strategic management. The programme also aims to achieve its goals of producing qualified professionals by providing a very thorough grounding in the principles and practice of finance including corporate finance, strategic management, accounting, econometrics, and international finance.

    The primary objectives of the programme are:

    • to enable a systematic understanding and linking the knowledge areas and processes in corporate finance, firm strategies and in financial markets including the current functions and future developments within these areas.
    • to develop critical, analytical, problem-based learning skills and transferable quantitative skills to prepare the student for professional career.
    • to enable the student to continue to engage in lifelong learning, study and enquiry.
    • to assist the student to develop further skills required for both autonomous practice and team-working.
    • to encourage students to adopt an analytical and creative approach to study and to develop the ability to argue rationally, communicate clearly and form sound judgments.
    • to enhance students' knowledge, skills and abilities through the execution of a Masters level thesis.