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    Focus of the Master's Degree in International Marketing Management

    The Master's Degree in International Marketing Management integrates the disciplines of marketing, international business and digitalization  and technology management. It thereby addresses the needs of global firms operating in turbulent environments facing growing challenges in their marketing management. Changes in international business practices, the globalisation trend and advances in technology all affect the field of marketing management.

     The Three Focus Areas of the Master's Degree in International Marketing Management (MIMM)

    • marketing
    • international business and
    • digitalization and technology management

    The overall purpose of the Master's degree programme is to provide students with marketing-management-related knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. With its specific focus on the management of global knowledge-intensive innovation activities, the degree is tailored to the needs of future marketing managers operating in highly turbulent international environments. International marketing management is considered the driving force behind and an essential element of the many operations a firm has to conduct and coordinate in today's globalised world. Market orientation is a strategic orientation that makes it easier for the firm to analyse and understand its customers, partners, competitors and regulators, and thereby to create customer value. This, in turn, should promote sustainable competitive advantage and enable the firm to reap superior benefits. The curriculum follows an interdisciplinary path, simultaneously addressing the principles and practices of international marketing and business, innovation, and knowledge intensity.


    The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) that assesses business and management education has for the second time rewarded  Master's Degree in International Marketing Management (MIMM) the renowned EPAS accreditation. The accreditation signifies that LUT provides world-class education in international marketing. The MIMM programme has had the award since 2011. MIMM programme was awarded three-year accreditation at the EPAS board meeting on December 13 2017.

    EFMD's assessment criteria requires a strong international aspect and excellent level of academic production, corporate cooperation and quality management from the degree programmes.

    DD Programmes

    The Double Master's Degree Programmes with LUT Master's Programme in International Marketing Management is the result of successful international cooperation between LUT and universities abroad:

    • the Double Degree Programme with the SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis, France. This program involves SKEMA's Master of Science in International Marketing and Business Development (MSc IMBD)
    • the Double Degree programme with the University of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands. This program involves UT's Master in Strategic Marketing & Business Information (SMBI)  and
    • the Double Degree programme with the University of Economics (VSE), Prague, Czech Republic. This programme involves International Business – Central European Business Realities Master's Programme.

    Each MIMM Double Degree Master's degree programme takes app. two or two and half years and corresponds to the minimum of 120 ECTS credits. The students admitted into the double degree programme receive a degree certificate from both universities, provided that they fulfill the requirements of the DD-partner universities (depending on which program the student is admitted into). The programmes might have pre-requisities, please see the detailed application instructions.