Here you find very important information about the LUT user account Here you find very important information about the LUT user account

Please read this page carefully until the end. You will find here:

  • What is LUT user account and how you will get it.
  • Instructions for new students.
  • Instructions how to manage your username.
  • What is phishing message and how to recognize it.

Password change

Password must be changed in every 190 days.


Graduation At the end of the study entitlement ceases the user account and email. Take care of well in advance of directing personal emails to your private email account.

LUT user account LUT user account

The LUT user account is your personal username for all university information systems during your studies. You log in with study planning systems (WebOodi and Sisu), learning platform Moodle, Office 365+ suites, and use the software needed for the course.

After activating the LUT user account you will be able to use your email address which is In addition, you will receive the LUT ID, which is a1234.

If you already have a LUT ID, for example if you were previously a Highway student, you will continue to use the same LUT user account until the end of your studies.

For new students For new students

If possible, activate the LUT ID in advance before the orientation week (doesn't apply to doctoral students). This will give you access to your badge and for example course booking system right away.

After activating the account you will be able to use your email address. In addition, you will receive the actual LUT ID, which is a1234.

Account activation

Activate your account here: You can also choose English as the site language! In order to activate, you need to identify yourself with Finnish online bank access.

If you are not able to visit the student IT service desk or use online banking authentication please contact:

A disposable password is being set up the new usernames, which should be immidiately changed when starting to use the new username. You can change your password at Please read the instructions before creating a new password.

It is recommended that you enable the OTP (one-time-password) application as soon as the account is activated. With the app, you can easily replace a forgotten passphrase with a mobile app, without your online banking credentials.

Student number

After activating the LUT account you will be able to check your student number and order a student card.

To check your student number:
Go to and log in using the email address and password you have activated. Click the arrow beside your name and check your own information.

After that go to and order a student card. The academic year sticker can be obtained from the Student Union office.

Instructions and links Instructions and links

Password phishing Password phishing

Watch out for password phishing!

Be on the lookout for emails that ask for your username and password. Information Services and Technology or the HelpDesk will never ask for your password for any reason. The phishing messages may also have links to a log-on page. Never use these links. Instead, always log on directly to the domain addresses written in your browser.

If needed, you can verify the matter from the student IT services desk by phone!