Student Services in Lahti Student Services in Lahti

Student customer services are available mainly on line. Our e-mail address is phonenumbers + 358 29 446 3040 and + 358 29 446 3041.

Customer Services provide services related to: 

  • enrolment for the academic year
  • registration for exams and study courses
  • study certificates
  • official transcripts
  • letters of recommendation
  • testimonials
  • registration of completed study courses
  • reinstatement of study rights and re-enrolment
  • discontinuation of studies and renouncing one's study right
  • maturity tests
  • graduation ceremonies

Transcripts of records and study certificates can be made by students with a digital signature in Sisu (instructions).

You can order a Kela meal card, study certificate and transcript of records from here.



Study Counseling Study Counseling

Study counseling for Lahti students is available remotely by phone, email, Teams or Zoom. Please contact your study counselor to make an appointment.

Study counselor help you with questions related to your personal study plan (PSP) and credit transfer from previous university studies. Personal study plan as well as course and examination enrolments are done in Sisu.

 Mechanical Engineering

  • Master's programme in Industrial Design Engineering, study counselor Minna Miikki tel. 050 590 8927

Software Engineering

  • Master's programme in Software Product Management and Business (SPMB), study counselor Pauliina Talka, tel. 040 738 1303
  • Bachelor's programme in Software and Systems Engineering, study counselor Johanna Lahti, tel. 050 301 3422

Environmental Engineering

Energy Technology

  • Bachelor's programme in EnergyTechnology, study counselor Johanna Lahti, tel. 050 301 3422

Services for Lahti students Services for Lahti students

Student card order

Student housing in Lahti


MOVEO is a campus sports and wellbeing service for LUT university and LAB university of applied sciences.

For more information and events, follow MOVEO on social media

MOVEO Lahti Sports coordinator is Markus Halonen, tel. +358 4470 850 98,

Study Psychologist

You can contact the Study Psychologist to discuss about stress and burnout, procrastination and lack of motivation, performance anxiety and challenging social situations, depression and anxiety or life changes. Appointments can be organised face-to-face, on the telephone or online. At Lahti Campus Study Psychologist is Aino Elomäki, aino.elomaki(at)


The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides students with support for wellbeing and health and on top of that we provide support for the betterment of health of study communities.

LUT Lahti students can use FSHS services in Lahti.

A healthcare fee for higher education students is paid to Kela. Students who are entitled to use the services of FSHS are students who have registered as attending and who are completing a bachelor's or master's level degree.

LTKY Student Union

Campus Chaplain

You can contact campus chaplain when you want to talk confidentially about your life, about happiness or sorrows, baptism, wedding or confirmation become actual, you want to learn more about religions in Finland or you want to attend Sunday services or try to find places for worship.

It doesn't matter what is your religion, everyone's own beliefs are respected. Chaplaincy services are free of charge.

Contact information: Sonja Turunen, tel. +358 44 719 1203,

Student customer service desk Student customer service desk

At Lahti Campus Student Customer Service is located on Mukkulankatu 19, on the first floor of A wing. The office is open from 8th September on Wednesdays to Fridays from 10am to 2pm.

Services at the desk:

  • study certificates
  • official transcripts
  • Kela meal discount cards
  • Vr certificates and other discount certificates


Campus  & Access Card Campus & Access Card

LUT Lahti campus consists of two campus buildings: Mukkulankatu 19 and Niemenkatu 73. The campus buildings are connected by a campus track (approx. 400 m), along which you can walk or cycle between the buildings.

Most of the teaching is held on Mukkulankatu.

Students have access to the campus premises only with an access card. Access cards are ment only for Lahti campus students.

Mukkulankatu 19

  • For new students starting their studies in Lahti in the autumn 2021 an email regarding the order of access card was sent in July. If you submitted your access card information by August 2 you get your card in the orientation in late August
  • If you have not ordered your access card you can do that by filling
    the access card order form by the end August and you can collect your card in September. You will be informed when your card is ready to be collected.

After the orientation days the cards are collected personally from the information desk in the main lobby of LAB University of Applied Sciences, on Mukkulankatu 19. 

Info of the campus

Instructions for parking at Lahti campus.


Restaurant Services Restaurant Services

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