How well do you know yourself? How well do you know yourself?

Moving from home to Finland or Lappeenranta, starting your studies at LUT, leaving family and friends behind are big changes in your life. Many suprises may occur.

Coping skills

How well do you know your personal coping skills? Remember that these skills can be improved.

How do you feel about yourself, changes in your life etc.


You have the greatest power to improve your personal wellbeing. How balanced is your life? Do you need to make any changes?

Your strenghts

Where are you good at? Are you aware of your personal strenghts?

Becoming motivated Becoming motivated

Doing anything is difficult, if you are lacking motivation. Same goes for studying. Motivation, however, is something that is not given to you or taken from you, but you can find, develop, and actively maintain it. See how, from these links:

Challenge: Make your own list of simple tips to become and stay motivated for studying. Turn it into a poster and hang it on your favourite study place while studying. PS. the sections on Time management and Study Skills can help you with this.

Study skills Study skills

Here are some videos, that can help you to understand, what happens in your head when you are studying and what kind of things you can do to enhance learning.

Challenge: Write down your best study tips. Why do they work so well for you?


Healthy diet, enough physical exercise and sufficient amount of sleep are the prerequisites of effective functioning - also what comes to learning. Learn more about the importance of sleep and how to make sure to get enough of it in here:

Challenge: Find out how much sleep is good for you? If you have trouble falling asleep, try at least three of the tips suggested in the latter video.


Exam anxiety is a rather common phenomenon, which can be tackled. See some tips here:

Challenge: Do you experience exam anxiety? Try the 7 tips and to find out what works for you.

Time management Time management

Effective time management is one of the keys to efficient studying. See the videos below for ideas and hints for organising your work, keeping up with the deadlines, managing your calender etc.

Challenge: Find out how much time you have for studying in a week. Choose one of the time organisation tools and try it out. Which seems the most appealing to you? Analyse the productivity potential of your usual study environment. How could you make it better?


Procrastination means the habit of postponing or putting something off. It is probably familiar to all of us, especially when it comes to the not-so-nice-to-do things. See these videos to understand why we procrastinate and what can be done about it.

Challenge: Find out what is a Pomodoro-technique. Could it work for you? If it seems inadequate, what could make you procrastinate less?