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    Work internship in Master's degree 2-10 ECTS

    Elective studies may include internship from a field related to your major studies. In same Master's programmes there can be obligatory internship as well.

    Full-time employment relationships of at least four weeks can be approved as internships. An employment relationship that took place before the M.Sc. studies at LUT can be approved providing that it has not been accepted and included in any other previous degree.

    Work internship in Sisu

    • Compulsory work internship is a course in the degree structure. After submitting the forms and after the approval of your internship by the internship coordinator the course will be registered in Sisu as an LUT course with the grade H (passed). 

      If the work internship is completed abroad change the course in your personal plan to the one having U in the end of the course code, that one is for internship abroad.
    • If there is not obligatory work internship in your degree structure (study plan) or you have a long working history you can apply for the work internship credits as well. To be part of your elective studies. In Sisu work internship is applied as inclusion.

      In this case you must add a study draft into your personal study plan and apply for the credits. This must be done at the same time when submitting the application form and report to the internship coordinator.  
    • Read the Sisu instructions carefully through.

    Work approved as a work internship 

    • A paid employment relationship or proven work in one's own business enterprise can be accepted as a work internship.
      • Any work meeting the requirement above can be accepted as an internship in the Bachelor's degree (the work does not need to be related to the student's degree or field of studies).
      • In the Master's degree, the work internship must be related to the student's field of studies.
    • One job or employment period cannot be approved as a work internship in both degrees.
    • The duration of an employment relationship approved as a work internship must be at least four full-time working weeks.
    • Students may also apply to have work carried out before their LUT studies approved as a work internship, provided that it has not already been included in a previous degree (e.g. a work internship in a degree from a university of applied sciences cannot be included in an LUT degree).

    Internship coordinators

    For further information on submission of applications & written internship reports please see course description in Sisu or contact degree programme's internship coordinator: e-mails: firstname.lastname@lut.fi.

    Master's Programme in Energy Technology and Environmental Technology (all majors):

    Simo Hammo (office 3420)

    Master's Programme in Chemical and Process Engineering:
    Ritva Tuunila (office 2273A)

    Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering:
    Harri Eskelinen (office 6713)

    Master's Programme in Computational Engineering and Technical Physics, by specialisation:
    - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
    Arto Kaarna (office 2425)

    - Technomathematics
     Matylda Jablonska-Sabuka (office 2415)

    - Technical Physics
    Kirsi Ikonen (office 2245)

    Work internship application (pdf)
    Work internship report (pdf)