Students may include 6 ECTS cr  internship (work experience) into the Master's degree. Only the internship which the student does during the studies at LUT can be accepted. Two full-time working weeks of internship correspond to 1 ECTS cr. The internship is located in core, alternative studies in master´s degree. Please see the detailed course description in Sisu: A130A2201 Internship for Master's Programmes.

Remember to put the Internship course into your study plan in Sisu. If you do your internship abroad, use the course code A130A2201U. You also have to enrol to the course in Sisu. Do this also through the Internship course in your study plan.

NB! Bachelor's and Master's degrees can include a total of 12 credits of practical training. The student can divide the credits in both of the degrees or the training can be included in its entirety in one of the degrees. However, in Master's degree, maximum of 6 ECTS credit are acceptable as in core, alternative studies.

When you have completed your internship, apply the approval by sending the internship application, internship report and certificate of employment to the internship coordinator.

NOTICE that average working hours per week must be mentioned in the employment certificate!

Do not apply the approval of internship through Sisu!


Master's Degree Programme in Business Analytics (MBAN)
Internship coordinator: Jan Stoklasa

Master's Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE)
Internship coordinator: Igor Laine

Master's Degree Programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM)

Internship coordinator: Olli Kuivalainen

Master's Degree Programme in Strategic Finance and Analytics (MSF)
Internship coordinator: Sheraz Ahmed

Master's Degree Programme in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability (MSIS)
Internship coordinator: Anni Tuppura

Master's Degree Programme in Supply Management (MSM)
Internship coordinator: Sirpa Multaharju

Application and internship report