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An international internship means work placement included in your degree and carried out abroad during your studies. An internship abroad during your studies is not compulsory, but it is highly recommendable. An international internship can be carried out at any point of your studies.

Working abroad is an excellent way to gather experience of working in different cultures and organisations. It will also help you to build your language skills, confidence, tolerance, and ability to adapt to new and different situations – intellectual capital with a value that cannot be measured in euros.

Employers highly value professional experience acquired abroad. An international internship is an excellent addition to your CV and an advantage when you are looking for a job!

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The ABCs of international internships

Applications and agreements (open with PDF)

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Traineeship Experiences Traineeship Experiences

Planning on or interested in international traineeship?

Read about the LUT students' traineeship experiences!

Residence Permits Residence Permits

When planning for an internship abroad, please go carefully through the information regarding to Residence Permits.

Things to Remember Before Going Things to Remember Before Going

When going abroad for a traineeship, please check out the list for things to be remembered before going.

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Changes in international traineeship policy for master’s degree students

From now on, Erasmus+ and/or travel grants will be issued to master's degree students only if the internship will not delay their graduation.

You will be able to apply grants for internships

  • taking place during the summer between the 1st and 2nd year or
  • starting within one year from graduation (agreement process has to be finished before graduation)

Links for International Traineeships Links for International Traineeships

Looking for an international traineeship? Check out the links for several recruitment sites and get started with looking for your traineeship!

Erasmus+ Grant Erasmus+ Grant

Traineeships in Europe for Bachelor and Master's degree.

LUT Travel Grant LUT Travel Grant

Covering travel costs for internship or Master's Thesis abroad.