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    MIBE Programme MIBE Programme

    Focus of the Master's Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship

    In this programme, you will learn how to develop the entrepreneurial competencies for creating a new business and leading its growth to international markets. The programme provides you with everything you need to become successful in global business: you will gain the skills to work as a leading professional in internationally operating companies as well as the entrepreneurial skills necessary to launch and operate your own global startup. Both skills together will make you attractive in today's global business environment and provide you with employment options in the long term.

    You will also learn how to manage the international growth and strategy of a company, how to manage finances and resources in international markets, and how to lead people in a multinational company.

    The programme also engages the local entrepreneurs and associations in the studies, thus you will learn from real-life cases from real companies and entrepreneurs. During your studies, you have an opportunity to consult the companies, to network with them and to learn first-hand from starting out and successful international entrepreneurs and business professionals.

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