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Echo360 Lecture Capture

LUT has implemented a lecture capture system (Echo360) in six lecture halls (Viipuri, 2310, 4304-05, 6323, 7332 and 7339). A teacher books lecture capturing from Opetushelp and video is published either in Echo360 course (linked to Moodle) or directly in Moodle as a link.

In Echo360 course page the teacher can publish videos and lecture slides. Students can watch them and also comment or ask questions. Lecture to be published in Echo360 course can be also live streamed.

A quick guide for students here.

A full online guide for students here.

Weboodi Weboodi

WebOodi is the user interface for LUT students through which they register for exams, courses, midterms and the academic year, and also monitor the records on the courses they complete. In WebOodi you can also request that an unofficial transcript of records be sent to you directly via email.

The WebOodi web page is, and the system can also be accessed directly through the Uni portal. New students will receive instruction on the use of WebOodi during orientation. You should primarily register through WebOodi. If for some reason you cannot do so, you may also register by sending an e-mail to the Student Affairs Office, opinto(at), by the registration deadline. If necessary, you may also telephone or visit the Student Affairs Office during its opening hours.

Students themselves are responsible for updating their personal information in the student register, so that the university staff will be able to contact when needed. You should update the information (e.g. address, e-mail and telephone) in WebOodi. If you cannot access WebOodi, you should give the information directly to the Student Affairs Office.

Webropol Webropol

Webropol feedback system is in use at LUT. LUT students can use this electronic tool in order to collect information or feedback e.g. for their study assignments and theses or even for the leisure activities of student union or guilds.

Webropol can be accessed using your LUT user name and password in . When creating the questionnaire, please save it in the right folder, not in the main folder. Webropol main users  (Suvi Tiainen, Riikka Hämäläinen, Annikka Nurkka) can assist you in problems, also is available for service support.

Moodle Moodle

Moodle is the virtual learning environment for LUT, which is used to support teaching. It enables interactive teaching. It can be accessed using your LUT user name and password. More information on Moodle and help in using it can be found in the LUT Moodle student guide.

When you enrol to a course in Weboodi, after the enrolment has been confirmed, the course will shown in your course list in Moodle automatically. Access to Moodle courses for students is possible for 2 years (current academic year + previous), additionally one previous year is only for teacher access. The rest of the previous academic years' courses are removed including materials and grades. The student must personally take care of downloading course material and unfinished tasks.

Doctoral students: please use your student account for logging in Moodle, because your enrolment in Weboodi uses student accounts. The courses will not show in Moodle with your staff account.

If you have questions or problems concerning Moodle, contact

Click here to Moodle

Turnitin - originality check Turnitin - originality check

Turnitin is a web-based service for detecting similarities between the submitted paper and a vast database in Turnitin including articles, journals and web pages. Students can practise the skills of scientific writing and the teacher can use this service in the evaluation and supervision of the students.

Degree students

A student can check the originality of a text, if the teacher has provided this in Moodle course by adding Turnitin assignment. It is obligatory to check the thesis work before the assessment. Usually Turnitin is added to Master's seminar courses.

Doctoral students

If there is a need for checking text related to doctoral thesis, it is possible in Moodle course Turnitin - originality check for doctoral students. Please contact Opetushelp ( to be added to this course as a student or you can self-enroll (> check Administration block). You can visit the course without a student role, but you cannot use Turnitin assignment. By using Turnitin assignment you can check your texts freely and these are not saved in to the database.

The final checking of the manuscript before the dissertation process has to be performed using Turnitin. Check Turnitin instruction for doctoral students here. Your supervisor can be added in the Moodle course for validating your work.

A student's guide can be found here. Check also how Turnitin supports academic writing.