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    Industrial Engineering and Management


    Head of the Degree Programme
    Associate Professor Lea Hannola, lea.hannola(a)lut.fi

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    Industrial Engineering and Management Industrial Engineering and Management

    Studies in LUT Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) are based on the combination of economics, engineering and management. The goal of the degree programme is to equip students for organisational development and business process management by merging technology with management skills.

    The graduates are professional developers of businesses, organisations and processes. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the degrees in IEM, they are employed by a wide spectrum of industries, research institutions and public administration.

    As a result, not tied to any specific industry, the success or failure of individual industries does not have a significant impact on the graduates' career prospects. The graduates have good career prospects, as they are equipped to learn and adapt to different job profiles and industrial contexts.

    LUT IEM has been appointed an exceptional status three times as "A Centre of Excellence in University Education" by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council in the years 2001-2003, 2004-2006 and 2010-2012. In addition, the Bachelor's programme and the consecutive Master's programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (named Operations Management since 2016) and the Master's Programme in Global Management of Innovation and Technology (GMIT) are accredited by ASIIN.

    For detailed information on the accredited programmes, see the webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification: