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    IT-instruction IT-instruction

    Welcome to the new IT instructions site! Here you will find instructions about LUT user account, IT systems, programs, computer using and other related issues. On the left side of the site you see menu. By clicking topics name you will be taken to that page. By clicking + image you can expand the menu.

    Password phishing Password phishing

    Be on the lookout for emails that ask for your username and password. Information Services and Technology or the HelpDesk will never ask for your password for any reason. The phishing messages may also have links to a log-on page. Never use these links. Instead, always log on directly to the lut.fi domain addresses written in your browser.

    If you answer phishing message change you password immediately!

    If needed, you can verify the matter from the Origo Service Desk by phone!

    Test your knowledge in Moodle Test your knowledge in Moodle

    Test your knowledge about LUT  IT services in Moodle and complete the course Get to Know LUT IT Services in Moodle. The course has self-registration so no keyword is required.

    There is five different topics in this course

    • LUT ID
    • Information systems
    • Remote desktop
    • Study workspaces
    • Help and feedback

    In every section is short introduction in topic and one task. In the last section (help and feedback) is only feedback inquiry.

    How to enroll in course?

    > Search couse by name (in Moodle).
    > On the left side you will find administration box. You need to scroll down the page maybe.
    > Select Enrol me in this course.
    > After that click again enroll me and now you should complete the tasks.