Group and Self-study Facilities Group and Self-study Facilities

University has plenty of rooms for students' use. There are workshop rooms, room for researchers and room for the students working with their theses. Reservation times can vary from workshop room's three hours to researcher's room six month's reservations. Reservations are made via Outlook calendar.

See reservation rules and instructions here

Group working rooms for students Group working rooms for students

Rooms in library for students (2nd floor, library basement)

  • DOPPLER 1295-B
  • EINSTEIN 1297
  • FARADAY 1298-A
  • GALILEI 1298-C

Rooms has two computers, six chairs and table for four. Reservations via Outlook-calendar.

24h study facilities 24h study facilities

  • Outside of the opening hours, you can enter to the library with your LUT magnetic key.
  • Computer classrooms Sini and Cosini are available for evening and weekend use, if there is not on going teaching. Enter by using your magnetic key.
  • 7th building's lobby area and meeting tables can be also used 24/7. Enter by using your magnetic key. When the library is closed, please use the route via the 7th building: from Gallery lobby to 7th building and then up to the 4th floor and towards the library.

Other rooms and facilities Other rooms and facilities

Academic research rooms

  • For theses working
  • Motivaatio 7433. Two seats for LUT researchers.
  • Thesis 1294. 8 seats for LUT and LAB students for working with theses

More information and reservations:

Computer classrooms

  • SINI 7439. 18 computers and one teacher's computer. Data projector in classroom.

Reservations via LUT facility services

Video conference room 7515

  • Only for video conferencing
  • Reservations are made online via the Outlook calendar (only the staff can make reservations)