Graduation Graduation

Please notice that graduate's PSP must be in SISU.

You can graduate when your thesis has been approved, evaluated and accepted and all study attainments have been completed.

NOTE! Remember that when you graduate you have to be enrolled as a present student and pay the student union fee for the semester. If you graduate on August, you have to enroll for autumn semester and pay the student union fee (for autumn semester); if you graduate on January, you have to enroll for spring semester and pay the student union fee.

Topic has to be confirmed before uploading the thesis to LUTPub. PSP will also be checked when applying for master's thesis topic.

Phases in graduation:

Remember to request for graduation in SISU according to the deadlines for graduation!

Please note that applications are binding – for example returning thesis assessment form you commit to your thesis being evaluated and accepted according to the schedule. When a thesis has been uploaded to LUTPub (instructions) it can't be changed nor will it be removed from the database. Both applications can be processed during same month (thesis and graduation).

Applying for graduation

After completing your degree you apply for degree certificate and approval for the degree with form 1C and by requesting graduation in Sisu. Before making the request make sure, that your primary study plan is in order and all study attainments included in the degree are placed in your study plan. You can request graduation before your thesis is registered in Sisu (guide).

Send the form to one of the following addresses:
- KATI.Opintopalvelut(at) (Business Administration students),
- Tutatdk.Opintosihteerit(at) (Industrial Management and Computer Science students) or
- Opintopalvelut.Teknillinen(at) (technology students).

Forms can be sent before the deadline.

Graduation and degree certificate

When graduate's degree has been checked he/she will receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony by email. Graduation ceremonies are held once a month (not incl. July) and in the ceremony rector will hand out degree certificates.

If graduate is unable to participate in the ceremony, LUT Student Services will send the certificate during the next working day by a registered mail to the address given in the form 1C.

Schedules for graduates:

Deadlines for academic year 2021-2022

Maturity test

Student financial aid for students close to graduation

User accounts and graduation

A student's LUT user account expires on the day of graduation. Students are asked to transfer their e-mail traffic to another e-mail address well before the graduation date. Forwarding arrangements cannot be made after the account expires. Please save any necessary messages before the expiration of the account.

Keys belonging to university can be returned to main lobby's infodesk (room 1133) before graduating.