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    Master's thesis

    Students who wish to start working on their Master's thesis should read Final Thesis Instructions carefully and contact first the person responsible of your Master's Programme:

    • Software Engineering and Digital Transformation: Associate Professor Jussi Kasurinen
    • Software Product Management and Business: Professor Sami Hyrynsalmi

    The student also discusses about the topic of the thesis with the professor to make sure it meets the scientific requirements for a Master's thesis.

    For detailed information, please see Master's thesis project.



    1. The student applies for the approval of the thesis topic from the 1. supervisor. An application (1A -form) is returned to study secretaries by e-mail. Please note that the thesis topic application and the evaluation of the thesis can not be handled during the same month. Please check the intructions and deadlines.
    2. After getting a permission to publish the thesis in LUTPub from the 1. supervisor, the abstract in English and the master's thesis assessment application (1B -form) should be submitted to study secretaries at least 4 weeks before the thesis is meant to be evaluated by the dean.
    3. Thesis presentation must be given in seminar not later than 5 weeks before graduation date, and it is to be given before the thesis is to be evaluated by the dean.
    4. The degree acceptance application (1C-form) along with all required appendices should be submitted to study secretaries at least 4 weeks before the graduation ceremony.


    All the applications (forms 1A, 1B and 1C) are to be submitted to the study secretaries by e-mail tutatdk.opintosihteerit@lut.fi.

    LUT students can graduate on specific dates decided by the rector. Those who have completed their higher university degree receive their degree certificate from the rector in a graduation ceremony or may request to have it sent to them.

    Student's LUT user account expires on the day of graduation. Students are asked to transfer their e-mail traffic to another e-mail address well before the graduation date.