Frequently asked questions about the exams in LUT Frequently asked questions about the exams in LUT

Can I take a water bottle or something to eat with me when I go to the exam?
-You are allowed to take with you only stationery (pen, pencil, eraser, ruler etc.), student card (or any other ID) and other material specified in the exam paper (calculator for example). If you need some medication etc. during the exam, you have to contact the exam secretary beforehand.

What can’t I take with me?
-Everything else except the above-mentioned things must be left in your bag or rucksack on the side of the exam room – including wristwatches. You must turn off your mobile and leave it in your bag as well. If you bring a librarybook to the examination, make sure that there are no markings on the book before the examination.

I left my ID home. What shall I do?
-If you don’t have an ID with you, the invigilator takes a photo of you with a mobile phone and gives it to the exam secretary. On the next possible day you must go to show your ID to her. Your answers will not be sent to the teachers for checking until you have done this. You can find the exam secretary from room 2357.

What kind of IDs are valid?
-You can prove your identity with any picture ID, such as student card, ID card, passport or driver’s license. There must be a picture of you in the card. Notice, that the electronic student card cannot be used, since you have to leave your mobile phone in your bag on the side of the room.

Can I borrow a calculator?
-There are no extra calculators in the exam room and you cannot borrow anything from the other examinees after you have entered the exam room. If you have forgotten your calculator at home and there is no time to fetch it, you can go to the university porters’ office and ask if they have any calculators in their lost property box.
-If you don’t have the right kind of a calculator with you (calculator type is mentioned in the exam paper), you can do your exam without it, too. Make a note to the exam paper, that you have done the exercises without a calculator and count them as far as you can by hand. It is always better to count by hand than be rejected because of the use of a wrong kind of a calculator.

What is the difference between the calculators?
-Pocket calculator:
with this kind of a calculator you can add, subtract, multiply and divide. The display has only a single line and it doesn’t include functions like sin, cos or tan.
-Scientific calculator:includes the features of the pocket calculator and also functions like sin, cos, tan, square root etc. The display can have single or multiple lines but it isn’t big enough for drawing graphs.
-Graphic calculator:these are like small computers. In addition to all the above mentioned features, it is possible to draw graphs, solve equations and load materials like pdf-files. The display is large, even half of the size of the calculator, so it begins to look like a mobile phone. These calculators often contain qwerty keyboards. Nowadays these calculators can calculate also with symbols like A = B+C, so you are able to integrate and derivate.
-If the allowed calculator is a pocket calculator, others are forbidden. If the allowed calculator is a scientific calculator, you can also use a pocket calculator. If the allowed calculator is a graphic calculator, all types of calculators are allowed. Also, if the exam paper states only that “calculator allowed”, all types of calculators are allowed.

I’m not sure if I have enrolled in the exam. What should I do?
-If you notice that you haven’t enrolled in the exam and there is still time before the exam starts, you can contact the customer service of the Student Services Office. If you pay the fee of 40 euros, they can add you to the participants’ list. If there is no time to go to the office, you can go to the exam room to see if there are any empty places left for this exam. Then you can take the exam and when you submit the papers, your name, student number and signature are added to the list by hand. After that you will receive the instructions from the exam secretary on how to pay the fee. If you don’t pay it, your answers won’t be delivered to the teacher but you will still lose one possibility to take the exam.

When can I leave the exam room and am I allowed to come back?
-You can leave the exam room at the earliest after 15 minutes counted from the beginning of the exam. When you leave, you have to return the answering papers with your name and student number written on them and put a signature to the participants’ list. After leaving the exam room, you are not allowed to come back to continue your exam.

Can I arrive late?
-You can arrive 15 minutes late from the beginning of the exam if anybody hasn’t left the exam room yet. If you know that you will be late more than 15 min. due to train etc, please contact the exam secretary (the contact information is found below).

Can I use the toilet during the exam?
-If you need to go to the toilet, you can raise your hand and tell it to the invigilator. The invigilator will then escort you to the toilet and back.

Can I have more answering papers?
-If you need more paper, you can raise your hand and ask the invigilator for more paper. However, you must return all the papers, even empty ones with your name, name of the examination, date etc , to the invigilators when you leave the exam room.You can cross out any papers you have sketched on and don’t want checked.

Can I borrow something from my neighbor?
-You cannot borrow anything from the person sitting next to you. You cannot even talk to anyone in the exam room except to the invigilators if you are in need of something.

What shall I do if my pen gets broken?
-If your pen gets broken, you can raise your hand and ask the invigilator for a new pen.

I don’t remember my student number and I don’t have my student card with me. What shall I do?
-If you don’t have your student card with you, you cannot do anything about it during the exam. Leave the place empty on your answering paper, but write your name clearly on it so that it is readable. Write the whole name in case there is someone else with the same name in LUT’s register.

What does the number of the course mean and where can I find it?
-The number of the course is mentioned in the question paper or in the transparency that is reflected on the wall.

Can I keep the question paper?
-You can keep the question paper unless the teacher needs it back. If it must be returned, it is mentioned in the paper.

I have two important exams at the same time. How can I take them both?
-You can take only one exam at a time. If it’s absolutely necessary for you to take two exams at the same time, you can contact the exam secretary and discuss it with her. But you won’t get the permission easily! The contact information is found below.

How can I get an extra hour to do my exam?
-You can get one hour’s extension to do your exam if you have a medical problem or something similar. You have to contact the exam secretary and deliver her a document for your need of extension (the contact information of the exam secretary is found below).

If I need something special in the exam, what shall I do?
-You can contact the exam secretary. The contact information is found below.

Can I take a personal exam or another university’s exam in LUT?
-If you want to take an exam of an LUT course, you can find instructions here.
-If you want to take an LUT exam elsewhere, you can ask the course teacher about this. Our exam secretary doesn’t deal with the outgoing exams and teachers don’t have to agree to make an extra exam for this purpose.
-It you want to take another university’s exam in LUT, you can contact the exam secretary directly. You can take other universities’ exams in LUT during those times when LUT arranges exams. Notice that LUT charges for this possibility.

I have a question about the exams. Who shall I be in contact with?
-All questions concerning the exams in LUT can be sent by email to

The exam secretary of LUT is Ms. Hanne Muhonen, tel. 040-765 5920, email: and the room number is 2357.