Applying for the doctoral study right Applying for the doctoral study right

Application for doctoral studies at LUT

Instructions / Technology (LUT School of Energy Systems and LUT School of Engineering Science)

Instructions / Economics and Business Administration (LUT School of Business and Management)

LUT Doctoral School template of a preliminary research and study plan 
(pdf, including research, study, funding, publication and supervision plans), Word-version, updated, Jan 5, 2021.

Other instructions and guidelines Other instructions and guidelines

Practical tips for doctoral students (Belt, Möttönen, Härkönen/University of Oulu, 2010, pdf)

Tips for writing scientific journal articles (Belt, Möttönen, Härkönen/University of Oulu, 2011, pdf) 

Recommendations of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK):

Responsible Research website
- guide to research integrity, research ethics and science communication in Finland

The PhD Communication Workbook for LUT University's doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers to brush up on their communication skills (published by LUT School of Engineering Science)

LUT username and activating it

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The Student Union of LUT? The student card?

For further information please see

The Student Union of LUT (LTKY) web pages

Frank (a student benefit and identification service) - ordering a national student card

Please note! Trains (VR) and buses (Matkahuolto) do not offer discounts for doctoral students. Food on student price or services of YTHS (FSHS =Finnish Student Health Service) are not available either. This is why the voluntary student union membership fee is lower for doctoral students.

Studies Studies

Help at hand Help at hand

Contact info sheet

Please check the contact info sheet to look for information on general issues often asked about during doctoral studies. You also find contact information in mental well-being issues that anyone can face.

Supervision Plan

LUT Doctoral School recommends that a supervision plan is made at the very beginning of the doctoral studies and updated when needed. The plan helps to communicate the general principles of good supervision and offers a tool to outline the supervision process from the student's and the supervisor's point of view.

The supervision plan also explains the responsibilities of the student, the supervisor(s) and other possible parties involved.

The supervision plan is now part of the preliminary research and study plan (see LUT Doctoral School model available in the top left-hand corner section of this page).

Doctoral Research Assessment Tool

The student and the supervisor can use the doctoral research assessment tool when discussing the progress of the dissertation manuscript. The research assessment tool provides common frame and terminology for discussions.

LUT Doctoral School recommends the assessment tool for all students and supervisors.

Doctoral research assessment tool

Career planning and employment

Template for researcher's curriculum vitae

The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK), Universities Finland UNIFI, the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene ry and the Academy of Finland have together drafted a model curriculum vitae that complies with good scientific practice.

Aarresaari - Academic Career Services in Finland

On Aarresaari web pages you find information on doctors' career monitoring and tools for career planning and job-seeking.

LUT University Career Services

For new LUT University employees

On LUT intranet you will find  e.g. the personnel guide, the checklist for a new employee and information on orientation. See also the information package for international staff on LUT University web pages. 

Survival kit for a new employee

Doctoral studies on work contract vs. own funding

For grant and scholarship recipients

Mela - information for grant and scholarship recipients

Research integrity, ethical review/statement

The research integrity advisor at LUT University is Ms. Victoria Kompanets. The advisers give confidential advice to researchers and other staff in their organisation. You may contact the advisor, for example, in case there is a suspicion of a violation of responsible conduct of research or if you have been suspected of a violation yourself. Ms. Kompanets is also the contact person in case an ethical review or statement is needed. Further information is available on LUT intranet.

LUT Academic Library

LUT Academic Library web pages offer information for searching printed or electronic materials and on accessing them. You can also book an appointment for information retrieval guidance here.

Comprehensive instructions on the library use, please see LibGuides.

Issues related to publishing dissertations: