The LUT Business Administration gives statements in favour of flexible study rights on the following grounds:

  • The studies must be suitable for the LUT degree and there must be a valid reason for completing them.
  • Equivalent studies are not available at LUT.
  • A student may complete max. 25 ECTS credits of such studies.
  • As a rule, the faculty allows only intermediate or minor studies that are not available at LUT.
  • As a rule, the faculty allows only compulsory studies in languages not taught at LUT and/or that enable fulfilling the minimum credit requirement for compulsory language studies.
  • The studies must be included in the degree, i.e. in the 120 ECTS credits of the Master's degree.
  • Grades are used as a criterion.
  • A postgraduate student's flexible right to study can be approved if the studies in question are included in the degree requirements approved by the faculty council.
  • The statement in favour of the flexible study right is given by the professor of the field of specialisation/programme/major subject or by the supervisor of the postgraduate studies.


Further information is available in the general instructions in the UNI portal: Flexible study right.