LUT Summer School LUT Summer School

LUT Summer School is a short-term academic event offering intensive Master's-level courses for final-year Bachelor’s and Master’s students. LUT students and international students from all around the world can attend the programme. Lecturers of the LUT Summer School include academic staff from LUT and international guest lecturers from US, Russia and Europe. More information about the LUT Summer School here.

LUT Winter School LUT Winter School

LUT Winter School is an academic programme offering both period-long and intensive courses. It offers courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. LUT students and international students from all around the world are welcome to attend the programme. More information about the LUT Winter School here.

LITO - Basic business studies 25-40 ECTS CR for students of technology LITO - Basic business studies 25-40 ECTS CR for students of technology


Basic business studies (=LITO) – online study package is carried out as a joint effort of ten Finnish universities. The studies are not available for students of business administration, but for students of technology only. Please see for course descriptions and detailed information. Each course features respected experts who describe business and economic phenomena. All of the courses are completely online.

The courses available 2017-18 in English (and/or in Finnish) are:



Teaching begins


VA10A1000 Basics of Management and Organisations, 5 ECTS cr





VA10A1600 Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, 5 ECTS cr (only in Engl.)




VA10A1500 Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 5 ECTS cr




VA10A1100 Basics of Marketing and Sales, 5 ECTS cr




VA10A1700 Understanding and Managing a Business as a Dynamic Whole – VIBu Business Simulation Game, 5 ECTS cr

1.-15.2.18 and 1.4-17.4.18

1.3.18 and 1.5.18

31.3.18 and 1.5.18

Additional information from your own study counsellor and study coordinator Susanna Koponen, e-mail:

Taking the course Understanding and managing a business as a dynamic whole – VIBu business simulation game presumes knowledge of the focal concepts. Therefore, the prospective student either has to take at least three other LITO courses or otherwise possess equivalent knowledge.

Course registration

The student registers for the courses before taking them. Registration opens one month before the beginning of the course and closes two weeks prior to the start of the course. In academic year 2017-2018, enrollment for LUT students is in oodi, max 30 students/ university in the order of the registrations. Late enrollment is principally not possible. Questions about the late enrollment to Susanna Koponen, contact After the pilot year the amount of participants is no longer limited.

Course and study package registration

When the student has passed a course, the grade will be registered at their own university as part of their studies. If a student wishes to get a note in their diploma stating that they took the study package, he/she must take at least five courses (equal to 25 ECTS) including Understanding and managing a business as a dynamic whole – VIBu business simulation game (the other 20 ECTS can be freely chosen).

About the LITO studies

Experts from multiple different fields work together in projects and teams in today's business life. Seamless cooperation calls for understanding of business dependencies and logic as well as knowledge of focal concepts. Basic business studies –study package (=LITO) offers students an opportunity to complement their knowledge and to enhance their working life capabilities. During the course, the student will familiarize themselves with how companies operate and the factors that influence their actions.

After completing the courses, the student will understand how a company operates as an entity and can evaluate his/her own role as an expert in the entity. The student will be capable of applying the focal concepts of business and economics in their own work. In addition, the student will be able to solve problems as part of a diverse team.

Flexible Study Right Flexible Study Right

All Finnish universities are parties to the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), which provides graduate and post-graduate students of Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees.

You need to be enrolled and registered as attending student in Lappeenranta University of Technology  (LUT) in order to be eligible to apply for flexible study rights and to complete studies in another university.

LUT  uses the electronic Joopas Application System, as do other universities with the exception of the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Lapland and, the Theatre Academy, University of Jyväskylä and University of Oulu. The system can be accessed at  with your LUT username and password.

For further information on LUT instructions regarding the home university see the Flexible Study Service Joopas.

Please note that the application must be well-grounded and the courses must be appropriate for the student's LUT degree without equivalents in the LUT curriculum.

 Flexible studies are free of charge for the students. 

The course database in Joopas  provides information on  courses and studies offered by universities and university networks.