FAQ about Studies FAQ about Studies

Questions about enrolment for the academic year and for courses


Do we need to pay a re-enrolment fee when we enrol for the academic year?
If the enrolment deadline has passed, a re-enrolment fee is required. However, if you are changing your enrolment from non-attending to attending, you do not have to pay the fee. You can view your enrolment information in Sisu or verify the matter from the Student Affairs Office.

The re-enrolment fee is also required if the President has reinstated your right to study or if your study right has expired before you have applied for or been granted an extension.

Do I have to enrol for the duration of student exchange? How?
You need to enrol for the academic year even if you are leaving for student exchange. You can decide whether to enrol as attending or non-attending. For example, if you visit Finland during your exchange period and want to take advantage of student discounts on e.g. train tickets, you should enrol as attending. Note! If your studies are funded by The Education Fund, you should enrol as attending.

Late enrolment for courses?
Always ask the instructor of the course for permission to enrol after the deadline. Check the Uni portal page to see if the enrolment period has been continued. If it has, you can enrol as usual in WebOodi. The Uni page above also contains instructions on what to do if the enrolment period has not been continued, and information on Moodle access in such cases.

Why can't I see my course in Moodle even though my enrolment is registered in Oodi?
Most likely the course teacher has not opened the Moodle page, wait fo the course to start. Also it is possible that your enrolment is not approved. Please contact studenthelpdesk@lut.fi.

Can I cancel my enrolment for a course?
The Student Affairs Office does not remove course enrolments from Oodi. You can move the "unwanted" course from your enrolments to the History section, but this will not cancel your enrolment.

Questions about registering for examinations and exam retakes

The Uni student portal provides guidelines for taking examinations, please read them through.

Can I cancel my registration for an exam?
Registration through Oodi: You can cancel your registration through Oodi up to two working days before the exam date. After this, you can only cancel your registration by submitting a doctor's or nurse's certificate to the Student Affairs Office. You may also bring the certificate after the exam date – you do not need to come to the university if you are sick.

Registration for an exam in the exam aquarium: Instructions for cancelling an exam in the exam aquarium are available on the Uni page of Origo. If you do not cancel an aquarium exam, it will be counted as an exam completed and it will be registered in Oodi. If you have further questions, please contact the Origo service desk.

Do I need to apply for additional exam retakes?
Oodi records all previous registrations for examinations, including ones before 1 August 2010. If you are unsure about whether or not you need to apply for an additional retake, please contact the Student Affairs Office well before the exam date. Remember that also registrations for aquarium exams are considered as an exam registration. Taking the course again does not increase the number of times you are allowed to take the exam. Midterm examinations do not affect your number of exam retakes.

You may try to improve your exam grade twice. Subsequent attempts require an application for an additional exam retake. If you have already registered twice in Oodi for the final exam of a course, a third retake requires registration at the Student Affairs Office in person, by phone or by e-mail.

I cannot find an exam in WebOodi – how can I register?
Most exams can be found with the course code, but in some cases, "–K" must be added after the code. For midterm exams, "–V" must be added. You can also enter the course name to search for any exams and midterms.

Other questions related to studies

Who handles matters related to credit transfer, internship reports and applications for extensions?
These are all handled by the study affairs services of your own academic unit. Further information is available on the study programme pages in the Uni portal.

Why doesn't my Oodi profile display my course grade?
Final grades are recorded in Oodi based on a grade list submitted by the teacher. The regulations for education and the completion of studies define the time in which the teacher is to submit the grades. Teachers may choose to publish them in e.g. Noppa or Moodle, but the grades are recorded in Oodi only when the teacher has submitted the required grade list. Therefore, you may be able to find out your grade before it can be viewed in Oodi. However, if you suspect that your grade has not been entered into Oodi, please contact the Student Affairs Office and we will verify the matter.

Can a course that I have completed be removed from Oodi?
The Student Affairs Office removes no completed courses from Oodi. If you wish to omit a certain study attainment from your degree, please ask your study coordinator if it is possible.

How can I get a copy of my degree certificate?
Official copies of degree certificates are subject to a fee, and you can order them from the LUT Shop online store. If you need an English translation of the original Finnish certificate, we cannot, unfortunately, provide one. In such cases, you need to contact a translator.

FAQ about Language Studies FAQ about Language Studies

How do I register to language courses in academic year 2016-2017?

Registeration instructions are at the webpages of new Language Centre of campus.

What language courses do I have take?

Check your study guide for any compulsory courses in languages or ask your study adviser.

How do I know what course level is right for me?

Look carefully at the course descriptions in the study guide, in it you can find CEFR levels (A1-C1). You can find a link to the European Frame of References for language skills in the Links-pod on the right.

What does the letter (A-D) mean after the course code in WebOodi?

The letter after the course code means that there are several parallel groups for the course. The course content is the same in all groups, but the lecture times vary. Check out for best lecture times that will fit into your own schedule and enroll to that group only.

I did not remember to enroll to the course on time, can I still attend the course?

You must enroll to courses on time. Learn more about enrollment in Uni-portal: Studies > Planning studies > Enrollments.

Where can I find the course schedule, classroom and teacher?

You can find this information in the teaching schedules in Uni. Choose Language Centre from the link list. You can find the contact information of Language Centre staff on the Contact-pod on the right.

Can I study independently online?

Most of the Language Centre courses have an independent study option. This is mentioned in the course descriptions in the study guide.

Can I borrow course books from the Language Centre?

We do not lend course books. You can buy books in Aalef bookstore.