Reservation rules Reservation rules

  • The facilities reserves mainly through the Outlook calendar by a calendar invitation what invites everyone attending the meeting and the room or space to be reserved.
  • Invitation receive in Origo service point where it is accepted or cancelled.
  • Only one  valid reservation per student at the same time.
  • Maximum time of reservation is three (3) hours.
  • It is possible to reserve room longer time during weekend. Weekend reservation begin on Friday at 3pm and end in Monday at 8am.
  • You will get a key from Origo service point if needed. Key need return in the mailbox in the lobby near library. Normally you need key only for weekend bookings.
  • If you don't need booked facility, please tell that in the Origo service point. So they can give facility for next group.
  • After 15 minutes reservation will lapse if you don't arrive.