Ethical Guidelines for Academic Studies Ethical Guidelines for Academic Studies

The purpose of the ethical guidelines for academic studies is to help LUT students understand what is expected of them. Students must read the ethical guidelines and observe them throughout their studies. The identification and consequences of misconduct are described in more detail in LUT's guidelines for handling misconduct.

The ethical guidelines can be summarised in three statements which can help students to ensure that their activity is ethical:

  1. Use information correctly
  2. Follow the rules
  3. Be honest and fair

Nevertheless, students may encounter ethically problematic situations in their studies. In such situations, students are obligated to seek guidance, and the university is obligated to provide it in order to solve the problem in an appropriate and ethically sound manner with regard to all parties involved.

Consequences of violations of the responsible conduct of research and misconduct

Unethical activity violates trust between people and makes interaction difficult. Students who repeatedly resort to unethical practices will quickly get a reputation for being dishonest, and other students may not collaborate with them on group projects. Repeated ethically questionable activities also inevitably affect the attitude of teachers and e.g. their possible willingness to agree on flexible solutions for studies with the student. A negative reputation may also have an impact beyond the university and affect the student's employment possibilities.

Proven misconduct will lead to disciplinary measures, which may include a written reprimand, a caution and suspension for a fixed term. In the case of exchange and double degree students, the home university will always be informed.

Read the ethical guidelines carefully, because you commit yourself to following them when you enroll for LUT and academic year!

Introduction to LUT Ethical Guidelines for Academic Studies Introduction to LUT Ethical Guidelines for Academic Studies