Environmental responsibility Environmental responsibility

The environmental management system of the university

Lappeenranta University of Technology has committed to pay attention to its environmental responsibility in all its operations, and to utilize its interdisciplinary research and teaching activities in order to reduce its environmental load. The attention to environmental affairs, and the management of these affairs are a part of the university's management and development activities, which is supported by ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, the first of its kind in a Finnish university.

With an active environmental management system, environmental affairs are combined as a part of university management and perfomance guidance. The system creates a frame for the development of environmental affairs, and commits the university to maintain and develop its environmental management and the knowhow of its personnel in environmental affairs. Thus the system increases the environmental awareness of university personnel and students, and gives possibilities to affect the environmental affairs of the university. The environmental management system will bring environmental affairs as a part of everyday actions - we practice what we preach on Green Campus.

LUT has a Green Office label

In autumn 2012 LUT obtained a Green Office label and diploma, granted by WWF. Green Office is an environmental programme for offices, which has been developed by WWF Finland. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the ecological footprint of the workplace. Green Office motivates the personnel and students to perform everyday environmental acts, improves environmental awareness and decrease costs. Both the organization and the environment benefit from the programme.

Green Office label requires that LUT has an environmental programme that contains solid measures and objectives to decrease operations harmful to the environment.

The criteria required include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through energy savings, recycling and sorting of waste, taking environmental aspects into account in procurement and educating personnel about Green Office practices, among other things.

In practice, the measures mean e.g the following:

  • paper consumption will be reduced in printing and photocopying (for instance, the university has programmed all the printers and copiers to produce two-sided print-outs as a default)
  • some of the consumed energy will be produced by solar and wind power