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Registration for examinations (final exams, mid-terms and Language Center exams) takes place through Sisu. Registration for exams is done either through PSP or utilizing timing template in PSP. Examinations include both final and mid-term exams, and you must register for both separately. The examination dates can be found in the exam schedule.

Registration for autumn semester exams in 2020 - 2021 opens on 1 August 2020 and for spring semester exams on 1 December 2020. Registration ends one week before the examination date. You can cancel your registration two working days before the exam. 

Exam date Registration deadline Cancellations
Monday Monday, the week before the exam Thursday, the week before the exam
Tuesday Tuesday, the week before the exam Friday, the week before the exam
Wednesday Wednesday, the week before the exam Monday, the week of the exam
Thursday Thursday, the weeks before the exam Tuesday, the week of the exam
Friday Friday, the week before the exam Wednesday, the week of the exam


It is important to register for examinations on time. If you do not register for an exam by its deadline, your next opportunity to take the test will be its next date in the examination schedule or by paying the registration fee of 40 euros. Another alterntative is an electronic exam if the course provides the possibility.

Students may take each course examination three times. If you do not pass the examination on the third attempt, you must apply for an additional retake; click here for more information. Each registration for a course examination (under the same course code) counts as an examination taken, regardless of when you have taken the examination or whether you have retaken the entire course.

If you have already registered for an examination but will not be able to attend, remember to cancel your registration in Sisu at least two working days before the examination. It is very important that you cancel your registration because each registration is considered an exam taken. If you suddenly fall ill and are unable to take the examination but wish to take the exam at a later date, submit a doctor's or nurse's certificate to the Student Affairs Office. The certificate may also be delivered after the examination date.

If you are for some reason unable to register through Sisu, you may register by sending an e-mail to the Student Services,, by the registration deadline. If necessary, you may also telephone or visit the Student Affairs Office during its opening hours.


Right to take examinations

Students who have enrolled as attending or students who have enrolled as non-attending due to student exchange have the right to take part in examinations. If a student does not pass the examination after taking it three times, he or she may apply in writing for an additional retake.

With regard to examination events listed in the examination schedule, students may to take only one examination at a time. On special grounds, students can be given the opportunity to take two examinations at the same time. To this end, students must contact the Student Affairs Office at least a week before the exam date. Students may take part in all examination events arranged on the same day.

Special arrangements in examinations

If the student has a documented diagnosis for a learning disability, it can be taken into consideration in the examination arrangements. To this end, students must contact the Student Affairs Office, opinto(at), at least a week before the exam date.

Language examinations

Registrations for language examinations takes place in Sisu.