Enrolment for the Academic Year Enrolment for the Academic Year

Academic year enrolment

Each student pursuing a degree must formally register for attendance or non-attendance for each academic year. Students must register for all their active degree study rights.

Register for attendance if you participate in instruction, complete studies or a degree.

Register for non-attendance if you will not complete any studies during the academic year or term. A non-attending student remains enrolled at the University, but cannot complete any studies, does not pay the Student Union membership fee and is not eligible for student benefits.

Registration periods

Registration for attendance or non-attendance

1 May – 31 August

Changing registered attendance to non-attendance

Autumn term: By 31 August

Spring term: By 31 December

Changing registered non-attendance to attendance

Whenever during the ongoing academic year


Attendance to non-attendance: If you have already registered for attendance, but wish to change it to non-attendance, you can make the change in the Oili registration service by 31 July regarding the autumn term and by 31 December regarding the spring term.

Non-attendance to attendance: Students who are not liable to pay tuition fees may change their status to attendance whenever during the ongoing academic year. You can make the change in the Oili  registration service during the period 1.9. - 30. 4. If you are liable to pay tuition fees or you cannot make the change in the OILI registration service, please contact opinto@lut.fi if you wish to change your registration to attendance.

Autumn semester 2021 student healthcare fee is due on 30th of September. Read more here Attention! The healthcare fee only applies to LUT degree students.

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Course Registration Course Registration

Registration for autumn semester courses in 2021-2022 takes place through Sisu starting on 1 August 2021 and for spring semester courses starting on 1 December 2021. Registration ends each period separately. Registration for courses arranged during the intensive weeks ends a week before the start of the intensive week, on Mondays.

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Registration for Examinations Registration for Examinations

 Registration for examinations (final exams, mid-terms and Language Center exams) takes place through Sisu. Registration for exams is done either through PSP or utilizing timing template in PSP.  Examinations include both final and mid-term exams, and you must register for both separately. The examination dates can be found in the exam schedule.

Registration for autumn semester exams in 2020-2021 takes place through Sisu starting on 1 August 2020 and for spring semester exams starting on 1 December 2020. Registration ends one week before the examination date. You can cancel your registration two working days before the exam.

Exam registrations can be accepted past the deadline only by paying the registration fee of 40 euros (fee is not charged in academic year 2021 - 2022)

It is important to register for examinations on time. You will be able to register for exams after the deadline only by paying the registration fee of 40 euros. Please notice, that you can not ask the invigilator if there are free seats and extra copies of the exam paper. If you do not register for an exam by its deadline, your next opportunity to take the test will be its next date in the examination schedule or by paying the registration fee of 40 euros.

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