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    Energy technology studies at LUT are the most wide-ranging in the field in Finland, including a unique opportunity to study nuclear engineering. In addition to in-depth technological know-how, our degree programmes aim to provide students with extensive knowledge in different fields of the energy industry.

    The Degree programme in Energy Technology runs two Bachelor's programmes, one taught in Finnish and one in English (starting in 2021), and six  Master's programmes: Energy Conversion, Bioenergy Systems, Nuclear Engineering, EnTeDI (in Finnish, suitable for distance learning), Trilateral Energy Technology (in cooperation with Leibniz Universität Hannover and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) and Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications SARENA (a double degree programme in cooperation with IMT Atlantique, France, and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    The BSc and MSc programmes in Energy Technology are EUR-ACE®- and ASIIN -accredited programmes. For detailed information on the accredited programmes, see webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification:




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