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    Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering

    Education and research at LUT Electrical Engineering cover the conversion, use and transmission of electric energy, the control of electric systems and the electric market. Our operations aim at sustainable development, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.Electrical engineering issues are resolved by experts from the electricity market, electricity application engineering, digital and control system engineering, and applied electronics.

    Our reasearch areas are:

    • Electricity Market
    • Electrical Drives Technology
    • Control Engineering and Digital Systems
    • Applied Electronics.

    The Degree programme in Electrical Engineering runs two Bachelor's programmes, one taught in Finnish and the other in English (starting in 2021), and four Master's programmes. The MSc programme in Electrical Engineering can be taken either in Finnish or in English. The part-time MSc programmes that are suitable for distance learning, DIODI and ELEC, are offered in Finnish only. 

    The BSc taught in Finnish and MSc programmes in Electrical Engineering are EUR-ACE®- and ASIIN -accredited programmes. For detailed information on the accredited programmes, see webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification:




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