Eduroam Eduroam

In LUT campus area is free, safe and wireless Eduroam-network. You can login Eduroam with your computer or smartphone through LUT student email address and password.

Use always Eduroam if it is possible. Eduroam is the safest of wireless networks and information moves there encrypted.

Eduroam works worldwide in all Eduroam organisations. You can use id through your LUT account in other campuses in Finland and abroad (where Eduroam is used).

Download CAT-installer

Eduroam CAT is the installation program what you can installing for your computer or from application store in your smartphone. Using Eduroam CAT program is recommended because program makes all installing automatically. Also program makes sure that you use real Eduram network not fake Eduroam network. So using Eduroam CAT makes your using internet safer.

When you change password you need always login Eduroam again. It is recommended download Eduroam CAT again so you get updates and newest version of program.

Eduroam username and password Eduroam username and password

LUT student email address

LUT password

When you change your LUT user account password you need to login Eduroam again.

If you have issues login Eduroam, try first forgot the network and then login again. You can also use username (e.g. to login Eduroam.