Planning the Dissertation Process Planning the Dissertation Process

When you start planning your dissertation process check the important dates (Dissertation Committee and Academic Council meetings and deadlines) below.

Spring 2018

Autumn 2018

You can read more about the dissertation process from the Dissertation process booklet (PDF), which is written by the LUT Doctoral School, the Academic Library and the LUT University Press. The booklet is also available in printed form (Doctoral School, room 2318).

Please note! Doctoral students have to enrol for the academic year (attending/non-attending) every year. Enrolment is obligatory even if the student does not take any courses during the academic year. Starting the dissertation process or graduation is not possible without being enrolled as an attending student for the academic year.

Enrolment is open during June-August, please see further information.

LUT Dissertation Regulations

Study carefully the instructions concerning dissertations. The updated instructions come into force on August 1, 2017.

Please note that before submitting the manuscript to the Dissertation Committee content and layout of the manuscript should be in its final form. This means for example that the language check should already be done.

Approval of Studies for Graduation

The final check of studies is done at LUT Doctoral School before the manuscript of the dissertation is submitted for preliminary examination. Possible supplementary studies (extra studies required) have to be completed before the start of the preliminary examination.

Please note! Students starting their dissertation process in 2018 or later must have all their studies for the degree registered before the permission to print is given by the Academic Council.

Further instructions (please see section Approval of Doctoral Studies for Graduation).


The manuscript of the dissertation must be checked with Turnitin (a web-based service for checking the originality of the text). Please note that it is done early enough before submitting the manuscript to the Dissertation Committee.

The student takes care of submitting material for the check by using a Moodle-course (Turnitin-originality check for doctoral students). The supervisor is responsible for the interpretation of the originality report.

Further information and access to the Moodle-course:  opetushelp(at)

Dissertation Committee Members and Meetings Dissertation Committee Members and Meetings

Meeting Deadline
Wed 24.1. at 1 pm Tue 9.1. at noon
Wed 21.2. at 1 pm Mon 12.2. at noon
Tue 3.4. at 1 pm Mon 19.3. at noon
Thur 3.5. at 1 pm Wed 18.4. at noon
Tue 12.6. at 1 pm Mon 28.5. at noon
Tue 28.8. at 1 pm Mon 20.8. at noon
Thur 13.9. at 10 am Wed 29.8. at noon
Tue 9.10. at 1 pm Mon 24.9. at noon
Tue 6.11. at 1 pm Mon 22.10. at noon
Tue 4.12. at 1 pm Mon 19.11. at noon

Prof. Jari Hämäläinen (chair), Prof. Kaisu Puumalainen (vice chair), Prof. Pertti Silventoinen, Prof. Heikki Haario

Deputy members:
Prof. Janne Huiskonen, Prof. Aki Mikkola, Prof. Mika Mänttäri

Meeting preparations are done at LUT Doctoral School (office 2318).

Documents Required

The student submits to LUT Doctoral School (see contact information)

  • one printed copy of the manuscript and the manuscript in electronic format (single pdf-document)
  • the application for starting the dissertation process

Please make sure that the information concerning the supervisors (including supervisors' organisation) are correct.

The supervisor submits

  • the proposal for preliminary examiners (instructions, link to intranet)

After the meeting LUT Doctoral School delivers the preliminary examiners

  • an announcement of the decision
  • an electronic version of the dissertation manuscript
  • general instructions concerning the preliminary examination and the dissertation process
  • the forms regarding the reward for the examination work

The preliminary statements are submitted to LUT Doctoral School. Based on the statements from the preliminary examiners, the Academic Council will decide on granting the permission to print the dissertation.

Research Ethics Issues

If you need an ethical review or statement for your research, please contact Ms. Victoria Kompanets. Further information is available on LUT intranet.