Planning the Dissertation Process Planning the Dissertation Process

When you start planning your dissertation process check the important dates (Dissertation Committee and Academic Council meetings and deadlines) below.

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022

You can read more about the dissertation process from the Dissertation process booklet (PDF, updated 10/2021), which is compiled by the LUT Doctoral School, LUT Academic Library and LUT University Press. 

Please note! Doctoral students have to enrol for the academic year (attending/non-attending) every year. Enrolment is obligatory even if the student does not take any courses during the academic year. Starting the dissertation process or graduation is not possible without being enrolled as an attending student for the academic year.

Enrolment is open during May-August, please see further information.

LUT University Dissertation Regulations

Study carefully the instructions concerning dissertations. The 2021 updated instructions elaborate the rule to write the dissertations in English. The reason to motivate the use of English is that the scientific results of our doctoral dissertations are aimed at the whole scientific society of the world. The use of Finnish language would limit the audience remarkably as well as the choice of preliminary examiners and opponents, and therefore it is recommended only in special circumstances.

Please note that before submitting the manuscript to the Dissertation Committee, the content and layout of the manuscript should be in its final form. This means for example that the language check by a professional or a native speaker must already be done.

A dissertation template (Word, LaTex) can be found on the LUT Academy Library website (link to the www-pages).

Final Check of Studies for Graduation

The final check of studies is done at LUT Doctoral School before the manuscript of the dissertation is submitted for preliminary examination. Note! The personal study plan in Sisu must be in order at the latest when then dissertation process starts. Possible supplementary studies (extra studies required) have to be completed before the start of the preliminary examination.

Please note! All the studies to be included in the doctoral degree have to be registered before the permission to print is given by the Academic Council.


The manuscript of the dissertation must be checked with Turnitin (a web-based service for checking the originality of the text). Please make sure that it is done early enough before submitting the manuscript to the Dissertation Committee.

The student takes care of submitting material for the check by using a Moodle-course (Turnitin check for doctoral students YEAR). The supervisor is responsible for the interpretation of the originality report. This course is available by self-enrollment for checking the work.

Further information and technical support Moodle-course:  opetushelp(at)

Dissertation Committee Members and Meetings Dissertation Committee Members and Meetings

The Dissertation Committee gives a statement on the manuscript of the dissertation and makes the decision to initiate the dissertation process and appoint preliminary examiners.

Meeting Deadline
Friday 20.8. Friday 13.8. at noon
Friday 10.9. Thursday 26.8. at noon
Wednesday 6.10. Tuesday 21.9. at noon
Wednesday 3.11. Monday 18.10. at noon
Thursday 2.12. Tuesday 16.11. at noon
Tuesday 18.1.2022 Monday 3.1.2022 at noon
Friday 25.2. Thursday 10.2. at noon
Friday 25.3. Thursday 10.3. at noon
Tuesday 26.4. Monday 11.4. at noon
Friday 20.5. Thursday 5.5. at noon
Tuesday 14.6. Monday 30.5. at noon


The Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Professor Jari Hämäläinen acts as the chair of the Dissertation Committee, and Professor Kaisu Puumalainen is the vice chair.

Full members (2019-2022)

Deputy members (2019-2022)

Prof. Kaisu Puumalainen
(Economics and Business Administration)

Prof. Kirsimarja Blomqvist
(Economics and Business Administration)

Prof. Pertti Silventoinen
(Electrical Engineering, Energy Market and Solar Economy)

Prof. Aki Mikkola
(Mechanical Engineering)

Prof. Kari Ullakko (Technical Physics)

Prof. Janne Huiskonen (Industrial Engineering and Management)

The presenting officials from other research fields:

  • Prof. Esa Vakkilainen (Energy Engineering)
  • Prof. Maria Paasivaara (Software Engineering)
  • Prof. Risto Soukka (Sustainability Science)
  • Prof. Antti Häkkinen (Green Chemical Technology) starting from 1.10.2021
  • Prof. Lasse Lensu (Computational Science)

Meeting preparations are done at LUT Doctoral School (office 2318).

Documents Required

The student submits to LUT Doctoral School (see contact information)

  • the manuscript in electronic format (single PDF-document). In an article-based dissertation all publications must be included. 
  • application for starting the dissertation process including signatures of all officially appointed supervisors
  • clarification of those articles, which have been included in another scientific postgraduate degree thesis (if applicable). The clarification must include the following information: which articles are in question, whose thesis have the articles been published in, where and when have they been published. In addition, it must be clearly specified what has been your own contribution to these articles as well as the contribution of the other authors, who have used the article in their thesis. Such authors must also give their approval to include the article in your dissertation.
  • information about the language checker


Please make sure that the information in the manuscript concerning the supervisors (including supervisors' organisations) are correct.

The supervisor submits

  • the proposal for preliminary examiners (instructions, link to intranet)

After the meeting LUT Doctoral School delivers the preliminary examiners

  • an announcement of the decision
  • an electronic version of the dissertation manuscript
  • general instructions concerning the preliminary examination and the dissertation process
  • the forms regarding the reward for the examination work

The preliminary examiners submit the statements to the LUT Doctoral School within one - two months from receipt of the manuscript. Based on the statements from the preliminary examiners, the Academic Council will decide on granting the permission to print the dissertation.

Research Ethics Issues

If you need an ethical review or statement for your research, please contact Ms. Victoria Kompanets. Further information is available on LUT intranet.