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    The Degree Structure of MIMM-programme The Degree Structure of MIMM-programme

    The International Marketing Management Master's degree programme takes two years. It corresponds to 120 ECTS credits and leads to the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at LUT School of Business and Management.

    At the heart of the degree are studies in marketing, international business and digitalization. During their first year, students acquire basic knowledge in these areas. The second year is the time for specialisation in a specific field, and for writing the Master's thesis. The language of tuition in the programme is English.

    The degree structure of MIMM

    • Core studies
    • Specialisation studies
    • Minor studies (recommended minors are Sustainability, Digitalization and Analytics, and International Business and Entrepreneurship)
    • Language studies

    You can find the complete degree structure in the Study Guide in Weboodi https://weboodi.lut.fi/ You don't need user id.

    Programme-specific Information

    International exchange is recommended (but not compulsory) in the MIMM programme. We recommend students to study 24-30 ECTS cr abroad. From March 2019 on the exchange can be included either in B.Sc or M.Sc degree, it is no longer required to be in B.Sc. Please see the decision.

    The students may also include the LUT Summer School modules into their core study electives, see the separate LUT Summer School programme.

    Instructions on how to include exchange courses into the MIMM degree, in order of preference:

    1.     Study a minor package: agree on the topic of the minor studies with MIMM Program Director in advance.

    2.     Locate exchange courses to replace the elective courses in core studies

    3.     Find courses that correspond to MIMM Programme's Intended Learning Outcomes to replace 2-year MIMM Specialisation courses.


    MIMM-SKEMA DD programme students have their degree structure 2019-20 (xlxs),

    MIMM TWENTE DD programme students' degree structure 2019-20 (xlxs) and

    MIMM VSE DD programme students' degree structure 2019-20 (xlxs) here.

    For older degree structures please contact the study counsellor Kaija Huotari.