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    MIBE degree structure MIBE degree structure

    Master's Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE) degree structure

    Core studies 48 ECTS cr
    Specialisation studies 42 ECTS cr
    Minor studies 24 ECTS cr
    Language studies 6 ECTS cr

    Total of the degree 120 ECTS cr (min.)
    The complete study guide including the learning outcomes, course descriptions and instructions is available at https://sis-lut.funidata.fi

    International Business and Entrepreneurship has also a Double Degree programme with Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University and University of Pavia. LUT-students interested in this option, please contact academic director Igor Laine. Arriving partner university DD-students follow the DD-degree structure 2021-22.

    MIBE-PAVIA DD programme students have their own degree structure 2021-22 (xlxs)

    MIBE-GSOM DD programme students have their degree structure 2021-22 (xlxs),