Degree Certificates Degree Certificates

Students receive separate degree certificates for the Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS credits) and Master's degree (120 ECTS credits). The certificate will show e.g. the graduate's degree, degree programme, major and minor subjects, and the topic and grade of the thesis.

The student is given an overall grade, which is the weighted average of all of the student's LUT courses included in the degree that were graded with a number. An overall grade for the Bachelor's degree is given only if the degree includes at least 80 ECTS credits of courses completed at LUT and graded on a scale of 1 to 5 (excluding the final thesis). Correspondingly, an overall grade for the Master's degree is given when the degree includes at least 40 ECTS credits (excluding the final thesis) of studies completed at LUT and graded on a scale of 1 to 5. The overall grades are determined as follows:

Average Grade
1.00-1.49 Passable
1.50-2.49 Satisfactory
2.50-3.49 Good
3.50-4.49 Very good
4.50-5.00 Excellent

Degree certificate includes transcripts in Finnish and English indicating all courses completed for the degree and their grades. Also major and minor subjects are given an overall grade in the transcript according to the table above. The overall grade is the average of all LUT courses completed by the student in the subject in question, weighted according to the workload of each course.

For Finnish and Swedish speaking students, the degree certificate also indicates the language of education and the maturity test as well as proficiency in the other official language of Finland.

The Bachelor's degree is completed "with distinction" if the average grade of the degree is at least 4. In addition, no more than 10 ECTS credits may be transferred. However, this does not apply to courses completed during student exchange abroad. For completing a degree with distinction, university grants a scholarship of 300 euros.

Students will receive a special mention in their Master's degree certificate of having carried out their studies "with distinction" if their overall grade is at least 4 and the grade for their Master's thesis is 5. Business students have completed their degree with distinction if the overall grade is at least 4 and the Master's thesis grade at least eximia cum laude approbatur. In addition, the acknowledgement "with distinction" requires in both degrees that the student has completed at least 40 ECTS credits worth of studies graded on a scale of 1 to 5 at LUT. For completing a degree with distinction, university grants a scholarship of 600 euros.

Those who have completed their studies with distinction receive a scholarship from LUT.

The degree certificate includes a Diploma Supplement in English. A transcript of possible complementary studies completed by the student is annexed to the degree certificate.

Graduates from English Master's programmes receive both a Finnish and an English degree certificate.

Students must apply for graduation, which takes place on one of the graduation dates decided by the rector. To graduate and receive the degree certificate, the student must be enrolled as attending.

Lost or damaged degree certificate

If your degree certificate has been lost, stolen or damaged you may request a certified copy of your certificate. Please note that there can be only one original degree certificate in existence at any one time.  This concerns also if you have changed your name.

Certified Copy from LUTShop Certified Copy from LUTShop

If you need a certified copy of your LUT degree certificate, you can order it through LUTShop. The price is 20 €/pc.

For reasons of security and data protection, graduates must place requests for certificates and transcripts themselves; LUT will not accept requests on their behalf from third parties.

Time of delivery is at least ten workdays.