Computer Classes Computer Classes

Micro classes, or computer classes, are meant for independent study outside of courses teaching times.

Please and remember

  • Eating and drinking in computer class is not allowed.
  • Disconnecting or moving cables (mouse, screen etc.) is not allowed.
  • Keep silence and quiet working environment! To working with group is better make a reservation for group working room, where is also computer.

Is the class available? Is the class available?

See the TimeEdit calendar for availability of computer classes, and check in advance which class is available for independent study and when. Search rooms by number or just write "mikro".

Useful information Useful information

A large number of the same programs can also be accessed from a remote desktop. Read more about LUT remote desktop here.

Locations and numbers of computers Locations and numbers of computers

Student union house, 2. floor.

    YO209, number of computers 20+1
    YO212, number of computers 20+1
    YO213, number of computers 20+1
    YO216, number of computers 20+1

6th building, 2.-5. floors.

    6218, number of computers Linux-class
    6325, number of computers 23+1
    6428, number of computers 23+1
    6520, number of computers 30+1
    6521, number of computers 21+1

7th. building, 3. ja 4. floors.

    7334, number of computers 23+1
    7337, number of computers 40+1

    7430 Cosini, number of computers 18+1
    7439 Sini, number of computers 16+1

Science Library

In library is computers in every floor. In the Service floor (3rd.) is four computers for Finna-searching, for computers for searching from internet and two computers for visitors. In the service floor and upper floor (4th.) is multipurpose printers for Follow me printing, scanning and copying. In the lowest floor is also scanner.