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    Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering

    More efficient utilization of raw materials, circular economy, biorefinement and clean water all require separation and purification technology. All of most important production processes include separation and purification phases. The cost of separation has actually been estimated to about 70% of costs the process industry. We educate future experts to handle global challenges. We produce new research knowledge to develop more environmental friendly, and more energy and cost efficient separation and purification processes, which also produce less waste, to benefit industry and society.

    The Degree programme in Chemical Engineering runs a Bachelor's programme (taught in Finnish) and three different Master's programmes. The Master's programmes are dedicated to Process Chemistry (in Finnish), Chemical and Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering for Water Treatment.

    The BSc programme in Chemical Engineering and all three MSc programmes  are EUR-ACE®- and ASIIN -accredited programmes. See webpages of LUT and its partners in the accreditation and the certification:




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