Study drafts Study drafts

In the academic year 2020-2021 some courses were removed from the CT course list and turned into so called study draft. They were former courses like personal study projects with varying extent (e.g. 3-10 ECTS cr). 

How to make a study draft in your personal study plan in Sisu? Please see instructions

Listed below:

Descriptions for the study drafts in Software Engineering in the academic year 2020-2021. Please find course info here. Note that these current course descriptions for the ongoing academic year 2020-21 are not available in Sisu.


MOOCbased Specialization Studies for M. Sc. students (1-12 ECTS cr)

MSc 1-2, only for M.Sc. Students of Software Engineering department
Teacher responsible: Jari Porras and Ari Happonen

Learning outcomes:

The course deepens students' understanding of the specialization topic through a set of MOOC based courses. At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify a suitable set of MOOCs and web based courses that form a value adding specialization
  • Demonstrate independent activity in executing the required MOOCs and web based courses.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills acquired in specialization.


Content and completion:

The course contents is based on a personally selected set of MOOCs and web based courses. Student contacts by email the teacher responsible of the course to agree on the contents, implementation, workload and schedule of the specialization studies. Studies included into this course need to form a coherent specialization topic.

Personal study of the selected specialization topic. Teaching methods are based on each MOOC of the specialization separately. Course can be done at any point of studies and execution is based on the discussions with the person responsible of the course. Total workload is agreed before execution and can be 27-324 h.

Assessment scale and methods:

Passed/Failed. Discussions with the supervisor. A set of accepted MOOC courses 100%.


Research Project in Software Engineering (1-10 ECTS cr)

MSc 1-2, only for M.Sc. Students of Software Engineering department
Teacher responsible: Jussi Kasurinen

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify a research problem and a research gap in a selected domain
  • Demonstrate the ability to select proper research questions for the selected research problem
  • Identify and apply proper research methods for answering to the selected research questions
  • Identify and apply proper tools for implementing the research
  • Demonstrate the skills and competencies to carry out a research project
  • Demonstrate scientific skills to report the research work in academic manners


Content and completion:

This course is either an individual or a pair based research project in a selected research area. Students discuss with their supervisors on the suitable research project and create a research plan prior to starting the project. Students plan, implement and report the project using scientific and academic approaches. Students can implement their projects separately or as a part of a research team in the laboratory.

To do this course study the Moodle page for the course and follow the instructions given there. The details of the course like the topic, scope, and the time frame are agreed with the person responsible for the course.

Participation in the work of the research group, 1st to 4th period. Total 27-270 h.

Assessment scale and methods:

Passed/failed. Research report and seminar presentation 100%.


Elective work internship for the MSc degree (1-8 ECTS cr)