Bachelor's Programme in Technology and Engineering Science Bachelor's Programme in Technology and Engineering Science

This is a Bachelor of Science in Technology (B.Sc. Tech.) degree (in Finnish Tekniikan kandidaatti, TkK) amounting to 180 ECTS. The BSc education is arranged so that full-time students can complete the degree in three academic years.
Degree structure 2020-2021
The BSc in technology 180 ECTS consists of
- common obligatory general studies of 101 ECTS
- language and communication studies of 15 ECTS
- intermediate specialisation studies of 64 ECTS of electrical engineering, energy technology, environmental technology or mechanical engineering
- there are no minor studies or elective studies.
General studies include introductory course as well as courses on engineering mathematics and physics, engineering mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, technical documentation and 3 D modelling, electrical drives, renewable energy engineering and circular economy.
Language and Communication studies of 15 ECTS
Intermediate specialisation studies
During the second academic year, students can freely specialise in one of four fields: Energy Technology, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Technology or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Energy technology specialist courses include basics of power plant engineering, heat transfer, and laboratory work.
  • Electrical engineering specialist courses include introduction to embedded systems, digital design, and laboratory work.
  • Environmental technology specialist courses include life cycle assessment, environmental labelling, and sustainable cities.
  • Mechanical engineering specialist courses include mechatronics, robotics, production engineering and basics of FE-analysis.
The specialisation studies include Project Work totalling 20 ECTS, an Internship of 4 ECTS, and a Bachelor's thesis and seminar totalling 12 ECTS.
Students of this Bachelor's programme have an automatic right to continue their studies at the Master's level and thus complete a Master of Science degree in the following Master's programmes at LUT:
Mechanical Engineering:
Electrical Engineering:
Energy Technology:
Environmental Technology:
Circular Economy (Lahti campus)
The Head of the BSc in Technology and Engineering Science is D.Sc. (Tech.) Michael Child.