Applying for an Additional Examintion Retake Applying for an Additional Examintion Retake

According to LUT's regulations on education and the completion of studies students may take the final examination for a course three times. The Student Customer Service can be contacted for assistance in unclear situations.

If a student does not pass the examination after taking it three times, he or she may apply for an additional retake. A retake must be applied in advance the exam date in University´s exam schedule.
In order to be granted permission to take the examination again, the student must improve his or her knowledge of the topic area by completing additional assignments or other tasks assigned by the teacher. The assignment may be a discussion with the teacher during the teacher's office hour, answering questions from a previous examination, taking part in an examination feedback session, or any other task considered suitable for the purpose by the teacher. The aim is that the teacher and student together discuss why the student has not been able to complete the course successfully, and to determine how the student's knowledge of the topic area could be enhanced. If a student late registrates in exam hall without a right to attend to an exam (two exam attendances used) the teacher has a right to refuse to grade the exam.
In cases of mid term exams, applying for additional exam retake is not needed. The student will sign up for these normally in SISU.
For students who wish to improve their grade, these exam retake instructions are observed where applicable. Students are automatically allowed to attempt to improve their grade once. For additional retakes, these students must contact the teacher, who will then determine the suitable method for revising or enhancing knowledge of the topic before the exam.

Form for applying an additional exam retake (please see also the instruction page of the form)