General information on applying General information on applying

Applications for the doctoral study right can be submitted as soon as the application package is complete and fulfills the requirements set for applying.

Please note! Having an employment relationship as a junior researcher at LUT University does not bring along the study right; instead, it has to be applied separately. The doctoral study right must be secured within one year of the start of the employment relationship.

The research field is the topic area of the studies, which is specified in the application for doctoral studies. The majority of the doctoral studies and the dissertation deal with the student's research field.

The person responsible for the research field of Economics and Business Administration is Professor Paavo Ritala.

Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisite courses to be completed before applying are A210AJ201 Philosophy of Science (6 ECTS cr) and A350A0250 Multivariate and Econometric Analysis Methods (6 ECTS cr) or equivalent studies. The teachers responsible for the courses in question assess the equivalence of other courses (please see the credit transfer application for postgraduate studies).

The courses above (or equivalent studies) must be completed before submitting the application for postgraduate studies. Applicants without a valid right to study at LUT University can study the prerequisite courses via the open university.

Applicants may also demonstrate the required knowledge by passing an examination on the Philosophy of Science course literature and by taking the course Multivariate and Econometric Analysis Methods as a self-study course.

  • Philosophy of Science/literature examination- please enrol by e-mail to at least two weeks before the exam date (exams dates and further information from the open university)
  • Multivariate and Econometric Analysis/self-study - please enrol by e-mail to

The prerequisite courses are included in supporting studies (methodology and scientific theory studies) if they are not included in any other previously taken degree.


The primary supervisor is appointed according to the topic of the dissertation. LUT Doctoral School recommends appointing two supervisors for all doctoral students. A supervisory group may also be nominated; in this case it is the primary supervisor's responsibility to decide on the composition of the group.

The Application Process

The applicant contacts the potential primary supervisor in the research field well in advance to discuss the research idea and the plan for doctoral studies and research. If the professor is in favour of starting doctoral studies, the application is then submitted to  LUT Doctoral School . Also the prerequisite courses (or equivalent studies) must have been completed by this stage.

LUT Doctoral School checks the application package and the attachments. Next, the head of the doctoral programme evaluates the application by paying attention especially to the quality and feasibility of the research plan, scheduling, funding and the contents of studies. One criterion is the availability of supervisory resources in the area of the dissertation topic and that, if needed, another supervisor can also be appointed.

The vice rector for research and innovation makes a decision on granting the study right for doctoral studies. LUT Doctoral School sends the notice of acceptance and other essential material by regular mail. Please make sure that you give full details of your valid postal address in the application form.

If you are also employed by LUT University, see the information package for international staff on LUT web pages.

Application Package Application Package

Application form for doctoral studies is submitted to LUT Doctoral School. The attachments required are listed in the application form. A CV is an optional attachment but may in some cases be required especially from candidates already in working life.

Please make use of the LUT Doctoral School model for the preliminary research and study plan (pdf, Word-version). Please note! Each doctoral student has to create a personal study plan (PSP) in Sisu after the study right has been awarded. The personal study plan the same as the study plan submitted with the study right application.

The plan has to be approved by all the supervisors-to-be. When making the plan for studies, please read the further information available on studies.

Instructions for compiling the plan - Economics and Business Administration
1. The research plan in English (10-15 pages) 
  • the background and theory of the research
  • a concise overview of the scientific discourse relevant to the research area
  • the research problem and the objectives, motivation, viewpoint and delimitations of the research
  • the research strategy and a description of the empirical material used in the research
  • a list of references - a separate section; not to be counted in the required number of pages above

2. The financing plan for doctoral studies

3. The publication plan

  • intended publication dates
  • possible topic areas of articles
  • possible publication channels with Publication Forum-ratings

4. The plan for studies (total minimum 40 ECTS credits)

  • research field studies min. 20 ECTS cr
  • studies supporting the research field including min. 15 ECTS cr of methodology and scientific theory studies
  • mode of study (if known)
  • number of ECTS credits for separate study attainments
  • anticipated time of completion - LUT Doctoral School recommends that all studies should be completed during the first two years of studying.
5. The research schedule (a four-year plan)
  • If the doctoral studies are expected to take longer, please clarify the reason in the plan (e.g. studying part-time while working).
6. The supervision plan (see below)

Supervision plan Supervision plan

A supervision plan is made at the very beginning of the doctoral studies. The plan helps to communicate the general principles of good supervision and offers a tool to outline the supervision process from the student's and the supervisor's point of view.

The supervision plan also explains the responsibilities of the student, the supervisor(s) and other possible parties involved. LUT Doctoral School recommends that two supervisors are appointed for each doctoral student.

The supervision plan is part of the preliminary research and study plan that is submitted in the application package.

LUT Doctoral School recommendations for good supervision practices of doctoral students