Applying for the Doctoral Study Right - Admission Criteria Applying for the Doctoral Study Right - Admission Criteria

Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible to apply the applicant must have completed

1. an applicable higher university degree 

2. an applicable higher polytechnic degree or

3. an applicable education completed abroad.   

Applicants holding a Master's degree earned abroad are eligible for doctoral studies provided that their Master's degree gives them eligibility for corresponding higher education in the awarding country. As a rule, degrees earned abroad must have required studies of at least four years including a Master's thesis type final thesis, and if the doctoral programme considers they provide a sufficient foundation for postgraduate studies at the university. Applicants holding a Master's degree earnerd abroad are advised to be in touch with LUT Doctoral School for additional instructions before submitting the application documents.

The precondition for the recognition of European degrees is that the degree is a university degree combination earned in accordance with the Bologna Process principles (3+2 years). The applicant is required to submit information in English (e.g. a Diploma Supplement) on the scope and the level of the degree(s) obtained abroad when applying to LUT.

Economics and Business Administration: One-year (60 ECTS credits) MBA-degrees do not generally qualify for doctoral studies. Candidates with an MBA-degree and their eligibility to apply will be considered case-by-case.

Supplementary Studies

The student is required to have completed major/advanced studies corresponding to the field of research of the dissertation, or to have acquired equivalent knowledge. In the latter case, the applicant must provide a separate clarification of how the equivalent knowledge (other education, work experience), substituting the higher education of the research field, has been acquired. This clarification must be attached to the doctoral study right application.

If the student does not have sufficient basic knowledge in the research field in question, a separate plan of supplementary studies (max 60 ECTS credits) must be attached to the application. The doctoral programme makes the final decision on the assignment of supplementary studies depending on the case. Supplementary studies are not included in the doctoral degree and they must be completed before the start of the preliminary examination.

The foregoing also applies to applicants who have already obtained a doctoral or licentiate degree from another field of study. In addition, the applicant must complete a sufficient amount of studies in his/her research field.

An applicant who has completed a licentiate degree in the same field is required only to complete a doctoral dissertation that is to be published in the field of research in question.

The potential of applicants with an applicable Finnish polytechnic Master's degree for successful doctoral studies is assessed by the doctoral programme case by case. Granting the right to study requires the university to determine the applicant's need for supplementary studies, the scope of which are minimum 30 ECTS credits.

Evaluation Criteria

The general criteria applied by LUT University include the applicant's potential for scientific postgraduate studies, the level and feasibility of the applicant's research plan, sufficient skills in English language and the ability of the applicant to complete the studies in the target time. Schools/doctoral programmes may issue additional evaluation criteria.

Applicants from partner universities

Double doctoral degree and cotutelle (joint supervision) applicants can be chosen only if a written agreement on such cooperation has been made between the universities. The application procedure and requirements for getting the doctoral study right at LUT University are generally the same as for other applicants. For further details please contact LUT Doctoral School.


In order to complete the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) a background in scientific studies in technology is required. Any lacking knowledge of technology must be improved through supplementary studies.

If the applicant does not have a Finnish Master's degree in technology or equivalent technology degree completed abroad, the applicant may alternatively apply for the right to complete the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 


In order to complete the degree of Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) a background in scientific studies in business is required. Any lacking knowledge of business must be improved through supplementary studies.

Before applying for doctoral studies, the applicant must complete the specified prerequisite courses or equivalent studies.

Planning doctoral studies at LUT University? Planning doctoral studies at LUT University?

LUT University graduates and those with an existing connection to LUT

  • If you are planning to start doctoral studies, please contact a potential supervisor in your field of interest in order to settle the basic issues (e.g. supervision and funding). Further information on the eligibility to supervise you find on the right in the section Supervision.
  • After the supervisory resources and the eligibility to apply have been confirmed, you can submit the application to LUT Doctoral School for processing it further.
  • For detailed information on the application process and school-level instructions, please see the section Application Processes of Doctoral Programmes (top right-hand corner of this page).

No existing connection to LUT University

  • Please fill in the Expression of Interest-form.
  • The form is used for getting necessary information e.g. on educational background, funding and research interests of potential candidates. On the basis of that information it is possible to check if suitable supervisory resources are available.
  • Submitted forms will be processed approximately twice per academic term.
  • LUT University  will contact the senders after the initial assessment and checking supervisory resources has been done. Inquiries while the process is still ongoing will not be answered.
  • LUT University does not grant scholarships for doctoral studies.
  • The form is meant for interested candidates who have their own funding available. For open funded positions (employment), please see LUT web pages.

Please note! The Expression of Interest-form is not an application for doctoral studies. 

Studying in Finland

Study in Finland -portal is targeted at international students interested in the opportunities Finland offers in higher education. It also includes general information for example on scholarships and living in Finland.

Application Processes of Doctoral Programmes Application Processes of Doctoral Programmes

Doctoral Programme in Business and Management
Economics and Business Administration

Doctoral Programme in Energy Systems

Energy Market and Solar Economy
Electrical Engineering
Energy Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sustainability Science

Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science
Computational Science
Green Chemical Technology
Technical Physics
Industrial Engineering and Management
Software Engineering

There are no specified application periods to apply for the study right.

Supervision Supervision

The coordinating supervisor must be an LUT University professor, LUT docent, person employed by LUT holding a docentship in another university or associate professor on the tenure track at LUT. 

A person with a doctoral degree can be appointed as the second supervisor.

At least two supervisors are appointed for all doctoral candidates that submit their study right application on January 1, 2022 or after that.

The doctoral programme in question makes decisions regarding changes in supervisor arrangements. For further information, please contact LUT Doctoral School.

LUT Doctoral School recommendations for good supervision practices of doctoral students

Doctoral Studies at LUT Doctoral Studies at LUT

Doctoral Studies at LUT -  a summary in English for those who are interested in doctoral studies or who are just starting their studies. The printed version is available at Doctoral School office (office 2318).

The course of doctoral studies - from application to graduation